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    Day after holiday?

    I was off today... actually off for the week. Just wondering what kind of a day was it for most of you being day after holiday? Good,bad, or ugly?What say you?
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    CV-19 & Masks

    Ok here's a question for you. How many people here wear a mask while delivering their route each day?
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    Coming Back After Resigning

    Too funny. Sad but very true. What idiot would want to come in and do this job as it now stands?
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    Postal vehicles not being sanitized

    You can do all the sanitizing you want but if everybody is not on the same page it really isn't going to do much good. So many variables in this job so many different people touching your vehicles, your trays,hampers cages,etc. you just can't cover everything no way.
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    USPS Mandatory Stand-Up Talk: COVID-19 Test Kits in the Mail

    I don't know about you but I'm honored to be an expendable employee.
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    Did I miss an MOU or something (full overtime during Parcel Apocalypse)?

    Just noticed this thread. Do tell what is the story on this matter?
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    Early outs and buyouts

    Yes it is nice to dream DB. Nothing wrong with dreaming DB I guess.🙈
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    USPS Mandatory Stand-Up Talk: COVID-19 Test Kits in the Mail

    Ok first thought I have was I wonder if the validity of the test is compromised by the 5-Hour ride in the back of my LLV in 120 degree+ temperatures?
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    Early outs and buyouts

    I agree. Don't think you will ever see a buyout for rural carriers. Why would they do that when all they have to do is harass tier 1 carriers and make their lives so miserable that they will just retire?
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    Why has our Union abandoned the Amazon and Last Mile Rurals?

    I'm wondering how they get them all in the building. Maybe the roof opens up and they do an aerial drop?:unsure:
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    Heat stroke prevention rules?

    Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
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    Heat stroke prevention rules?

    As you know it's all about lip service. I also hope you are wearing your mask out there in the 90+ weather. I'm sure that won't factor into your collapse from heat exhaustion.
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    Suggestions. Please lol

    How about when they leave outgoing letters and ants/eggs are thriving in the hundreds? I don't pick up outgoing ....guess what customer picks up mail delivered and still leaves ant infested outgoing with flag up. Sorry ants crawling over my arms and hands is just disgusting not doing it.
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    For what its worth

    Saw Stephen Stills a few years back at a casino playing for free . Too bad no one was paying attention . I doubt many people realized they were listening to one of the real great ones.
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    I can confirm retro pay is being paid out

    Mine was almost tripled. Oh darn I guess I shouldn't have said that here.