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    Screwed again backpay

    were is the mention of retired carrier back pay, or is that another assumption? will we later find out that were looking at November 2020?
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    1 year review

    left on 5.3.19. feel sorry for all, looks like it has been a slippery slope. r.i.p. the post office I once knew☠
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    Wait time sheet?

    in my old office, if it was not signed off by the supervisor, they did not count it, had to write it on the 4240, take it to them to sign. sometimes they wouldn't. kept track of the hours myself with dates and times. good luck
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    Newish Regular

    telling them something, showing them something, is a whole lot different than management telling you, you have to do it! casing mail, no! carrying part of route, no! they should have a person who trains them to do the job. other than advice. No!
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    Retirement back pay

    ok, so I retired on may 10th 2019, does that mean I am owed money?
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    Looks like we have a contract!

    here is my concern, retired on may 3rd, still not finalized, if as they are saying its retroactive, do I still get compensated?
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    update! last day today, went in as Santa, handed out candy canes and Santa coins, said my goodbyes, came off my route and the supervisor said hold on don't leave yet, station mgr came out with my retirement folder, congrats from the usps, handed it to me and said here you go, thanks for your...
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    post master wasn't there, and I do not care, but this is what my co-workers did for me, and my supervisor scheduled my route to be delivered for me, It was very appreciated. what you don't see, is they had a grill outside with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, sodas, a lot of work by them, I will...
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    may 3rd, is my last day, I feel your pain! sometimes you have to tap out to keep your sanity and ability to enjoy the rest of your life, godspeed in your future endeavors
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    wow city carrier test

    if they are messing with them, we are in real trouble!
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    wow city carrier test

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    too funny not to post

    the shop steward is on it, the supervisor wanted to pdi all the subs, he put a squash on that! like I said 13 days left! woohoo
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    too funny not to post

    I went in to work today to find a third of my route not delivered, mail and parcels left, I see I am not the only one. I find out that the new supervisor did not post a new schedule, so all the subs did not come to work, so when he tried to call them, guess what? no answer. lmfao, they had to...
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    postal times link

    I am not very computer savvy. but I have always logged on to this site from the daily postal times email I receive. tonight it when I tried, it came up in red letters "site not secured, access denied" not sure if this is a new thing with the postal times of some other higher power! thought I...
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    "... We've always done it this way."

    as shafted said, they put a brick or something on it, rural area, as you said if they are going to steal not much you can do about, their stealing off the porches with cameras! lol