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    Company Hung Advertisement on Boxes

    Inform your Postmaster and take a sample. They should contact the company and give them a cease and desist message. If they don't, the company can be charged the required postage but I don't know what the procedure is for that as it's above our pay grade. lol
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    Annual Leave/Sick Leave ?

    You can use either one at your discretion.
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    Another hourly vs salary question

    You're assuming the current count criteria is actually valid. I don't believe it is. For instance, it always takes me longer than the other regular to finish to the route for the day (well - almost always). Yet everyone who has run that route (including me) cannot believe it's evaluated for more...
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    Mail Boxes

    Like this?
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    Mail Boxes

    I both agree and disagree. :unsure: I agree in that the current evaluated system has never really worked. I have said so on more than one occasion in the past. But there used to be enough extra time built into some standards that it made up for the standards which didn't give enough time. I...
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    Mail Boxes

    You can call it cutting our own throats if you like but I was hired to deliver the mail. If I wanted to take packages to the door I would have hired on to UPS or FedEx. And no, you will never be compensated for the work you're doing now and for which you aren't being paid. Sure, you may be able...
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    Mercedes Metris: Rear Decal Inadequate

    Since when do carriers provide signage for PO-owned vehicles?
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    Today.....The lightest mail day I've ever had in 10 years! However......

    The PM always be like.......why is it taking you so long??
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    Desperately Need a Suitable Rural Vehicle

    You might want to try Hertz Car Sales | A Better Way to Buy Used Cars They're going through bankruptcy right now and are having a fire sale on used cars. Still might be a little pricey for ya though.
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    NRLCA...... HELP!!

    I dunno. The very first pallet of Amazon that hit a PO dock should have generated a national level grievance to determine how to pay folks for the extra work. This was their moral and legal duty.
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    NRLCA...... HELP!!

    It's called a national level grievance. It ain't gonna happen.
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    UPS bails on Amazon?

    Amazon was less than 2% of Fedex's business at the time.
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    Are our 1/2 ton LLV's large enough to do the job?

    If that's what you want to believe. 🤷‍♂️
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    Are our 1/2 ton LLV's large enough to do the job?

    According to the operators manual (PDF document) on the NALC website, the payload is 1400 lbs.
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    Are our 1/2 ton LLV's large enough to do the job?

    I don't believe "half ton" has anything to with it since that's just marketing wank and a common designation but not an actual specification. The two-wheel-drive S-10s they took most of these chassis from were called "half ton" but had an actual payload of something like 1600 lbs. My "half-ton"...