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    How old were you when you became an RC?

    Have you looked into buying your military time for FERS? Don't know the details, but the two previous rural carriers bought their time to increase their civilian pension (as well as get more annual leave each year.)
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    Different thread - Same Old Arguments - Including Christmas

    They have not sold out yet, as there is no MOU. I hope the union grows a backbone and says no to any MOU without concessions from USPS. This applies to all MOUs proposed by USPS, not just the ones regarding RRECS. By the way, this is likely my last contract, as I hope to be retired before...
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    Different thread - Same Old Arguments - Including Christmas

    Thanks. I meant to disclose the date. I'll edit it.
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    Different thread - Same Old Arguments - Including Christmas

    The findings from the engineers is not subject to arbitration. From the same magazine - page 293 "... both parties are now obligated to implement his determinations regarding RRECS." In my opinion, the union must sue USPS for non-performance in court as both parties agreed the engineer's...
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    Different thread - Same Old Arguments - Including Christmas

    I ask that you consider the following: It appears the engineer's position, which is not subject to further arbitration, is 52 weeks of data. The proposed contract includes the current 3 weeks of OT provision regarding Christmas. This is the starting point for RRECS and the new contract if...
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    Scanner Parcel Count Meeting. What?

    Leaving out the four weeks around Christmas means we are under the evaluated system for eleven months and the hourly pay system for one month. Maybe some of you get OT, but I believe most rural carriers get none. And USPS gives little assistance. We end up working the extra volume for free...
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    We have been told Amazon Pods coming our way soon.

    Ye of little faith. Remember, there is always tomorrow.:cry:
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    Scanner Parcel Count Meeting. What?

    In my opinion, the time period of one year was established by the engineers. Under the terms of the Clarke arbitration, the findings of the engineers is not subject to further arbitration or any change unless agreed to by both parties through negotiation. If the Christmas workload is excluded...
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    RRECS news from state convention.

    If our routes are underevaluated and the Association's leaders knew and did nothing, they should resign. At anytime during the past four years the union could have pursued damages for the delay. RDruckus has done more than the union bigwigs trying to hold people accountable with the card...
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    Arbitration question

    IMO, the arbitrator is not going to investigate things agreed to by USPS and NRLCA. The arbitrator is only going to look at the differences. I have no confidence NRLCA will be prepared to propose improvements after the leadership has stated support for the current contract.
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    VOTE NO too pay discrimination! Vote NO for shortage of RCA'S! Vote NO to mail count games! VOTE NO!

    I would guess there will be a national count. Supposedly letter and flat volume is down. Sounds like many more offices have lost Amazon drop shipments than have gained. Finally, I think the voting for the new contract will be completed a few days before USPS notifies NRLCA of the count. As...
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    RRECS news from state convention.

    Was anything said about what happens if the contract is not approved? (both regarding RRECS and the arbitration process) What was your impression of the other members opinion of the proposed contract? Did they seem satisfied with the wage proposals? Sorry, I did miss the IF. I blame it on...
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    This Christmas will absolutely be an EMERGENCY SITUATION!

    I believe the 50 mile "rule" will stand because at 51 miles the PO has to pay a per diem for food and lodging. Hopefully they screw up and a bunch of RCAs get to live the good life like management.
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    RRECS news from state convention.

    Yes, thank you for your report. Greatly appreciated. Was the end of August 2020 explicitly stated by union officials? Asking because I believe the mapping process has to be completed prior to the accumulation of data for the new standards. Citing Component 3 - Route Evaluation Frequency, the...