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    Delivering routes Sunday 11/1/20

    The union will never push the USPS for better terms for us. The USPS broadens the MOU to include the sorting and delivery of flats and letters. The union, instead of demanding any concessions (such as 20 minutes of paid personal time for every four hours of work) simply agrees to USPS's...
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    Being sent to office with covid

    You can request leave. Fill out the leave request form. Get your eyes checked. Go to the chiropractor. I would ask your regular if there is any days he/she is going to want off in the next couple of weeks so you don't need to go. I know if my sub asked me, I would move my appointments up to...
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    POLL: RCA Time....

    12 years as a sub. Just completed 10 years as a reg.
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    This happened in my office. We have not talked for three years (in a two route office.) The PM/supervisor is the one that needs to say something. You've already tried.
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    Lost Parcel

    My scanner will sometimes ring as if a cell phone. It always happens between 11:00 and 11:15. My PM thought I was nuts, but a couple of days ago it rang while I was back at the PO reloading for my second load so I got the MP to hear it. Said they would ask at the next teleconference what is...
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    DPS Quantity Review - failed for USPS

    It failed by 6.7%.
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    DPS Quantity Review - failed for USPS

    Thought I'd give a quick story of my DPS Quantity Review. On August 18 I got a full tray of unprocessed letters. POOM said we don't get paid extra for them. On August 19 I got over 150 DPS letters that had gotten stuck in the sorting machine - all out of order and covered in a black substance...
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    Are you supposed to call the office by 3pm if you don’t think your going to make evaluation?

    I told my PM that she can locate my whereabouts using her computer and my scanner and can come meet me if necessary. I'm not paid to make phone calls, and the last thing I want to do when running behind is to try and get someone at the PO to answer the phone.
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    1st special count im nervous

    1. If you do not write on the letters, then there is no individual mark-up credit. Just a bundle credit. Just make sure you are using the correct bundle. For example, if it says Mr. John Doe or current resident and no one lives there, it is a VAC (vacant) bundle. If someone lives there but...
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    RCA and shipping them out

    Probationary period should have no impact on you being paid to complete the route. The only way I can think it would matter is if you are being paid actual time versus evaluated time, and I assume you are under the evaluated pay structure.
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    First, your annual leave is your "vacation days." As an "H" route, you should try to take off entire weeks so that you get the "free Saturdays." When I first started as a sub my route was an "H" route and my regular would always take the holiday weeks off so that he would get nine days off but...
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    Declaring RRECS DEAD

    WTH. This is not an update. This is more of the same nonsense. Specify what work still remains (unless it is only the four items mentioned, in which case, that statement is unnecessary.) An update should have included an updated preliminary schedule. Is the schedule also somewhat...
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    Declaring RRECS DEAD

    If the initial data is being collected, why hasn't this work been done so that actual time is included when RRECS is implemented?
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    Declaring RRECS DEAD

    Is it just me, or are these two statements mutually exclusive. Either a full year of data must be collected or less than a full year of data could be used. Does anyone have a source the the Engineering Panel's directive of an interim period being used. My recollection is the USPS wanted to...
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    Gov. Van questions...

    No, you are not responsible for changing/fixing flats, oil changes, bulbs, and most fluids on a government vehicle. You will likely be filling up with gas every day. You will do a safety inspection on the vehicle every morning. Your husband's services wouldl no longer be needed. Unless...