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    This will be fun! Down to 2 subs lmao

    as of 7-31, the unemployment bump, is over.
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    Non formula office relief day change

    i love the monday relief day. all legal and dr. offices are open, so you can do any business that you need. pre corona, the stores were empty, making shopping more enjoyable. some restaurants are closed on monday, but those that are open, aren't as busy. even given a saturday relief option...
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    Non formula office relief day change

    or you can take the tuesday off, after the holiday, and avoid the extra days mail, and still end up with three days off. i love having monday as a relief day...
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    i don't remember the artist, but there was also a song called imaginary lover, i also remember changing the station every time it came on....
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    more songs not about a po date stamper - bob segers , horizontal pop, or worse yet, poisens, unskinny bop, when you listen to those, nothing about the po comes to mind, or maybe thats just me.
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    i remember the song, if you think it is about anything else, you need to read the lyrics between the chorus's . oh, the expressionism of the 80's...
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    you might want to google urban slang, for the word bop - the song is more along the lines of dating in a different way...
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    sorry i didn't get back to answer, but yes, "h" scan the article itself, and round date the proof of mailing that is attached to the barcode. - not the green return receipt, but the tear-off portion of the certified barcode, not all senders leave the proof of mailing attached to the piece...
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    To Bop, or not to Bop, that is the question.

    The count guide says the rural carrier stamps the receipt, which may require the assistance of a clerk. Not really a clear definition. I scan the certs barcode as received, and round date them myself, nearly everyday. Never a problem,through 6 or 8 pm`s, over 27 years. Teach rcas training...
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    thank god, but it was not an llv. i first thought it was a new mercedes-benz, but then realized it had windows. looked like a dodge caravan. with working airbags, the carrier might be okay. 6 injured kids in the other van, what are the odds that they were all seatbelted in?
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    USPS and Amazon

    the $600 was originally supposed to end at the end of july. time will tell if it actually will, but i caught a little bit of a news story today that was talking about some legislation to make unemployment max out at 70% of a persons wages. if their not withholding taxes on that, it would be...
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    House Democrats press U.S. Postal Service on plans to delay mail

    why not just make the mail in ballots, due in, a week early. let them be the first counted, instead of only being counted if the margin is close enough to change the result. same with the ballots of soldiers deployed. let them at least think their vote means something.
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    Truck suggestion poll

    unless you have some other issue that seems major (loud knock in the motor, or tranny that won't shift or slips) i would put money into it until you can't take it anymore. buying anything else, usually means buying something that the last guy, has given up on... great deals on vehicles, means...
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    Pregnant with physical limitations

    conception didn't occur on the job, by chance? just had to ask...
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    Last Call For Throwbacks

    i'd take them out, and deliver them in i remembered them, otherwise, it's into the 3m case as missequenced.