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    Postal Christmas

    Hey, thanks. Was just looking for it. bg
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    Postal Christmas

    No, not spam Also see Men In Black II the guy casing. Wish I could case that way.Can't find the vid. In Truro, Massachusetts, where K is now the town's postmaster, J convinces him by proving that all of his fellow postal workers are aliens
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    Postal Christmas
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    Postal Christmas

    Postal Christmas
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    New RCA (possibly)

    See this Men In Black clip. Most USPS employees are aliens. Especially @ 2mins when the guy is casing.
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    What better time to leverage: Company with core competencies Saddled with debt Top heavy management Outdated, under-performing equipment Workers facing sanctions who can't be two places at once Opaque union Delayed contract This all seems like a planned thing starting with prepaid retirement...
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    Multiple zip codes

    No answer, but I like your avatar. Saw them many times. A great band. bg
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    2240 issues

    As a farm and business owner I too chuckle when I avoid paying my workers.
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    New RCA Assessment

    We used to make up MMPI items like: As a child I was an imaginary playmate I no longer wet the ceiling The sight of blood no longer excites me
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    Did anyone get the TALK ?

    I swallowed an ice cube yesterday and it hasn't come out. What should I do?
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    What a spin on the postal pulse

    He was paraphrased and was taken from a broader discussion. Was curious when getting an epidemiology degree. I've got it somewhere in my "archives from green screens".
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    What a spin on the postal pulse

    Actually, it was Disraeli
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    How to ignore someone in this forum

    I had a super follow me several times. She quit when I stopped to pee.
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    How to ignore someone in this forum

    Can I ignore myself?
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    How to ignore someone in this forum

    Huh? What was your post?