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    Form 1767

    BubbaGump1964 -- " We have so many of the new vans with bald tires and management sitting around doing nothing. My van constantly has dash lights coming on. Low brake fluid or something. " Itstillfun -- "Never enlightened to 1767 but sounds like a war date." -- Ask manglement for Form 4565 -...
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    Redo days off in formula

    Falcon2024 -- "I am in a formula office with 13k & 2 J routes no AUX. Currently only 3 Ks get Saturday relief and Js alternate. We’ve had 4 new RCAs hired since this was implemented. All started work on or before July 12(over 10 weeks ago). PM keeps saying have to get them trained before...
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    Contract news?

    Frozen Toes et al -- "The last lump sums ( one time payments) were quite a while ago." -- Yep! -- 1995-1999: $300 + $400 + $400 -- 2002 - 2004: $499 -- 2006-2010: $686 -- Sure would have been nice to have them put into base pay instead of a one-time payment. "To my knowledge, all of...
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    fred -- unfortunately manglement is under no obligation to inform carriers of route postings. -- At least there was a section of the office where manglement put up route postings on clipboards at the offices I worked. -- Suggest yours do the same?
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    Contract news?

    Frozen Toes -- "Aren't the COLAs part of our increase? 2x a year, if it goes up." -- Of course, there has to be a contract in place to get COLA. -- Appears the membership will lose out on another BIG COLA -- because contract "talks / negotiations" are ongoing.
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    Cashing in Annual Days?

    MarkBD -- [ sell back annual leave ] -- The clerks and mail handlers can, with a MOU in their contract -- just a couple of hoops to jump through. -- Does not look as if the city side has such a MOU. -- And certainly the NRLCA doesn't.
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    I've resigned.

    RCA_Randy -- "I'm officially out. Had some lackey supervisor pay me a visit today. I waited for almost an hour for him to get there. He then berates me about not working Amazon Sunday. I told him straight up that I wont. He kept talking and I said I'm done. He said you aren't done until I say...
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    Virtual Update from NRLCA President

    Tooltime et al -- "Welcome to technology finally NRLCA." -- Sure, but there is the horse and buggy in the background. -- The 2018-2021 contract was "good". A far cry from the "excellent" contract put forth in 2006! ( which got voted down ) -- At least the president pronounced RRECS...
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    Annual leave

    rosie0000 -- "Does anyone know how far in advance can I submit an annual leave request. Taking a vacation in February and have a temporary PM who won't give me a yes, even though we have plenty of relief carriers." -- Submit your leave request now. -- Manglement has an "unofficial" 3 to 5...
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    Closing boxes….yes or no

    Rdruckus et al -- "You no longer need to fill out the card, there is a scanner function for that. Scan the bottom of one of the mail pieces like you do with SPM requests. Instead of "Delivered," scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Look for the option: MLNF. Scammer will ask if you...
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    Does this mean someone is retiring soon?

    Ibpd16 -- "She’s one that’s been saying for years that she’s retiring in a few months. So I don’t believe it." -- Good for you. You are learning quickly!! -- As a rule, don't believe anything carriers say about bidding either!
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    What is "e-reassign," and is it open to our craft?

    All -- "clerks, city, mail handlers, maintenance, and motor only." -- Personnel who are hourly and whose unions are affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Hmmmmm. -- No doubt just another postal "coincidence"!
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    Zero mail on the first day of mail count

    All -- A word search of the 2020 Mail Count Guide for "damaged" does not turn up anything. -- The Mark-Up section does not address "damaged". -- IMHO -- If damaged mail items are received and it is not appropriately stamped, be sure to get timed for taking damaged items to the supervisor so...
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    How do I prove my route is overburdened?

    Ibpd16 -- "The precious 2 carriers swear it’s overburdened. I also believe it is. But how do we prove it without a count? It’s listed as a 43 right now." -- Article 9.2.C.8. -- Overburden Routes - Is the route outside of the Table of Evaluated Hours ( above 57:36 )? - Is the carrier in 2080 /...
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    3 M's

    Bchapman -- "Hi I just got DPS and being counted." -- EXACTLY when did you get DPS? -- Did DPS meet its 98% quality threshold by COB on September 16th? May have to get your Assistant District Representative involve to find out as I doubt manglement will be forth coming ( honest ) about it...
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    seniority question

    johnwayne -- [ Seniority ] -- Has manglement posted a seniority list on the bulletin board? If not, that is a grievance. No bulletin board? - that's another grievance and time to get your Assistant District Representative involved to ensure other lists are posted. -- Brush up on...
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    Mail Count

    Dazy -- "Does the person conducting the mail count have to be at a higher level pay, or can anyone do it?" -- That question should have been asked at your Office Pre-Count Conference! Did your office hold one? - If not, probably a good reason to be included in your statement why you don't...
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    Lyra -- "how long does it collect data on the route? is it a week or 6 weeks? before the mapping?" -- Seems like the USPS has been collecting data on routes for YEARS.
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    Where is our app from NRLCA

    Cliff Clavin -- "Just wondering, why doesn't the NRLCA do something like this for us. I know many times when I was an RCA and I came back in the afternoon and hadn't even finished unloading my vehicle, the PM would be yelling across the room "Get Off My Clock" and if I put the actual time when I...
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    RCA Transfer to another office

    Magsmypug -- [ RCA Transfer ] -- Read Article 30.2.F. -- From a Step 4: RCA Transfers -- in part: The transfer will be effective within 30 days of the notification to the losing office. -- Try this unofficial / office form. PS -- Search for "RCA transfer" in RI's KNOWLEDGEBASE section...