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  1. Deer Smearer

    I love my new scanner!

    Sounds like our scumbag postmaster.
  2. Deer Smearer

    I love my new scanner!

    I got a signature item yesterday delivered by UPS. They did similar to USPS and signed for stuff in the customer’s presence. However, yesterday’s delivery required me to sign their scanner. Driver said they discontinued the sign for customer option.
  3. Deer Smearer

    The rural rag....interesting tidbit

    1202 was taken. Wait your turn! 😵‍💫
  4. Deer Smearer

    I've resigned.

    It does. Did you really think you were getting a full sheet?
  5. Deer Smearer

    dear God letter

    The link on RI Facebook has a few more photos. Ugly, ugly accident.
  6. Deer Smearer

    Where does the RCA go?

    Absolutely. That’s why 5/1 aux helps preserve primary selections. And totally seasonal Aux routes cannot be 6/0, otherwise aux carriers won’t have a place to go. Additionally, secondary and tertiary selections for RCAs are also protected and they cannot be bumped from them either.
  7. Deer Smearer

    Where does the RCA go?

    If there are RCA vacancies in the office they choose from them. There is no bumping. If no vacancies the junior RCA can be excessed.
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    Even 5 days is stupid. It should be something like 5 days minimum, but continues after that as open until filled. That gives a reasonable time period for new posting and evaluating applicants. Then it’s first one applying after that.
  9. Deer Smearer


    5 days Beginning and ending dates are inclusive.
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  12. Deer Smearer

    Virtual Update from NRLCA President

    It might as well have been this Samantha Brown.
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  14. Deer Smearer

    I've resigned.

    I understand your decision. I think maybe you could have handled it differently. Did you have representation with you? Could have made his trip a waste of time. I’m sure it would have progressed to discipline. But why make his or their lives easier? You can still quit, albeit in an...
  15. Deer Smearer

    Virtual Update from NRLCA President

    Not enough monitoring. Lots of posts about regulars being mandated to run other routes. Not a word mentioned.
  16. Deer Smearer

    Virtual Update from NRLCA President

    Tell your DR if RCAs are crossing crafts? All that info is readily available to them through RMSS as adhoc hours.
  17. Deer Smearer

    Sector Segment

    Don’t be afraid to count the DPS either. I’ve had trays with over 600 pieces in them.
  18. Deer Smearer

    OSHA and heat expanded to protect workers

    Why is that video important? Well I don’t have enough extra slots in my wallet for a HIPP card AND a vaccine card to show OSHA
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