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    Retreat Rights

    Star -- If you really like your current office, might want to study up on "Retreat Right" in Article 12.5.C.
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    Rare Forms

    Tammy -- A new regular who desires to be paid hourly until the start of the new Guarantee Year should ask for PS Form 4015-D -- just in case manglement "overlooks" mentioning there is that option. -- BTW -- if manglement can not "find" one, that is a grievance.
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    All -- MOU on NRLCA's home page "allowing" regular carriers to "volunteer" to delivery parcels on Thanksgiving. -- Certainly can think of much better ways to spend the day! -- Have a safe and sane Thanksgiving -- no matter how you celebrate it.
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    Seasonal Hires

    All -- UPS planning on hiring about 100,000 part time "elves" for the 2019 Christmas "Crunch" time. Pay? Between $14 and $30 an hour. -- With the USPS seemingly unable to hire one RCA due to its various screen testings, one has to assume that UPS is not going to be ( overly ) picky. --...
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    Fireable Offenses

    Butterscotch -- "Fireable Offenses" -- For new RCA's in their probationary period, just about anything manglement wishes to use. -- Probably the only "official" list that could lead to being fired would be items listed for the ELM's Section 651.4 - Emergency Placement in Off-Duty Status: a...
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    Contract Time

    All --  anyone hear or see any mention of NRLCA preparation for the upcoming contract negotiations?  Apparently no real hurry as the contract does not expire until 20 MAY 2018 - a mere 9 weeks away. --  On the other hand, the APWU has issued ( 7 MAR 18 ) web news article # 23-2018.   Rank and...
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    All -- Thanx -- Looks as if your thoughts and prayer helped with Hurricane HARVEY as the death toll is at 70, which is far less than when Houston evacuated for Hurricane RITA. Everyone in Florida could use the same outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts as Hurricane IRMA is forecast to do...
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    All -- Keep all the postal workers in SE Texas in your thoughts and prayers -- they are going to need all the help they can get as HARVEY makes land fall as a Category 4 hurricane ( sustained 130 mph winds with gusts to 155 ) tonight.   Rain fall will be measured in feet as HARVEY meanders about...
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    Heat-Related Issues

    <p style="text-align: left">All -- Heat-related issues beginning to pile up for the USPS. --  13 July -- Kanawha, WV mail carrier collapses on porch while delivering mail from heat exhaustion.  He died. --  13 July --  Postal workers walk off the job at Westhampton Station, Richmond, VA after...
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    National Postal Worker Day

    To all those still in the trenches, just in case manglement forgot to mention it, today is National Postal Worker Day. --  Take pride in what you do.  You are performing a valuable service, whether manglement or the public actually notices. --  And thanx for all you do -- usually under...
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    UPS Saturday

    All --  Apparently the UPS has heard the cry of the rural carriers about the number of parcels the rural carriers deal with, so UPS is going to start Saturday Parcel Deliveries.  By November, the UPS expects to have Saturday Delivery in 4,700 towns and cities and 5,800 locations by the end of...