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    Pathetic NRLCA praise of RCA hiring efforts

    If this is the best a joint task force can come up with after over a year, is it any surprise we don’t hire anyone? And for the NRLCA to suggest it’s even a small step in solving the problem is pathetic...
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    Covid Leave and EFEL Concerns

    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 that was passed in March of 2021 is what provided EFEL or Emergency Federal Employee Leave. It allocated $570,000,000 to fund the federal leave. Some of the OPM final rules are about to be published. Before the final plan was issued the USPS was basically...
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    Backing 50’

    Defense exhibit one
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    Are SPMS Unpaid Mapping?

    Seems like a lot more SPM scanning in the last month. Not only more, but in interesting locations. They are at the last house on a street where you turn around. Or next to a crossroad where you turn. Or the end of a dirt road. Or at banks of many boxes. All these locations seem like GPS...
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    USPS Transportation is Cutting Edge "August 8, 2019 — For most of its history, the postal service has stayed near the cutting edge of transportation technology." Nearly 30 year old LLVs. What idiot wrote this story?
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    3 postcards?

    "Former Winona Postmaster Sherri Jo Genkinger pled guilty in federal court last month to destroying three postcards entrusted to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)." There has to be more to this story.
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    Postal Pulse - Dont Do It

    This is from the APWU
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    Leaving signature items??

    Trick question. If the mail recipient isn't home to sign for an item can signature items be left?
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    Step 4 right to mark parcels

    <a href="">Here  </a>   Is a new Step 4 that says rural carriers have the right to sort AND mark parcels at the case.
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    International Scans

    <a href="">HERE</a> is an RI Facebook post on international scans. Says scan all barcodes no matter what. Interesting, because some scans have untracked or scan not required written right next to the barcode. I'll take...
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    Another Postal Pulse On The Way

    <a href="">Here we go again</a>
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    3 new Step 4s (3 for 3, yeah NRLCA, we're going to be rich... not)

    Three new Step 4 settlements on the onion page. (Smelly and makes you cry) <a...
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    P.P.3. Postal Pulse 3

    <strong>Postal Pulse survey.</strong> USPS will conduct its next Postal Pulse employee survey Aug. 15-Sept. 15. The survey measures engagement, which refers to employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their organization. The Postal Service will provide additional information...
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    Tropical storm and flooded LLVs

    Tropical storm heading towards Louisiana and Florida. A foot of rain predicted. 152.... That's the latest line on the number of LLVs that will be left in low lying areas and flooded because some dumb ass didn't have sense to move them to higher ground. Place your bets.
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    Parcels POV vs LLV

    There's a different rate for DPS for POV vs LLV 30 vs 43. There's a different rate for FSS for POV vs LLV 17 vs 43. Should there be a different rate for parcels POV vs LLV? I think parcels in an LLV are easier. USPS gas, USPS wear and tear, easier to get in and out of. Thoughts or comments?
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    USPS Now Testing new 3849

    <a href="">Here is an article</a> on the USPS testing a new 3849. <a href="">First proposed in April 2016</a>, this new design will see the fruition of the hundreds of...
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    Knowledgebase Quiz

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    LLV Accident Video

    <a href="">This video</a> link is on the RI Facebook page. We viewed a longer version of this during a stand up where the carrier came back, picked up the front bumper, and put it in the LLV and drove away.
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    USPS wants you maximize benefits

    <h1 class="entry-title-full"><a href="">It’s personal</a></h1> <div class="link-subhead-full">Employees urged to make the most of their benefits.</div> <div class="link-subhead-full"> </div> <div class="link-subhead-full">I guess sick leave and...