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    Last mail count feb. 2020?

    100% agree with this you Wilco. The routes in the study have been in the transition to the new system. Those carriers are used to increased scans (though it sounds like it was through trial and error and not adequate training.) The rest of us are going to start the learning curve and likely...
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    Centralized boxes

    Yes, 11 new non-CBU. CBUs going to be installed any day now. PM screwed previous carrier out of an adjustment because everything wasn't correctly done. I told them (PM and carrier) that the route should have gained at least one and likely two hours. When I got the route the rural analyst...
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    Centralized boxes

    Yes. I have 11 other deliveries to add. I need to make sure the additional 5 CBU addresses will put me over. My route is currently a 46K, so this may result in a cut. The only other route in the office is a 43K but was counted when vacant last year. It probably should have been a 44K, but...
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    Centralized boxes

    It sounds like the CBU's are going to be in a school bus stop enclosure. The subdivision is going to have the most expensive houses in the area. Lots of solar panels going up in the area - hopefully they light/heat it with the solar. On my previous route a small town lost its post office and...
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    Centralized boxes

    A new subdivision is going up just outside of town. Currently there are 5 houses with a final projection of 50, so there will be 4 CBU's installed at a single location My understanding is the slots will be assigned as if the subdivision is full and will be by street. Therefore, I will have at...
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    Arbitrator Clark

    The NRLCA is only as strong as its leadership! The leadership is hired to strongly advocate for the members. IMHO, previous leadership was weak, accusing the membership of being spoiled when rejecting a previous contract offer. Does the current leadership team respect the members? So far, I...
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    More local policies

    According to's calendar, the last day to sign is today, May 3.
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    Arbitrator Clark

    I think Clarke is saying he cannot enforce the arbitrated contract - only the courts have that authority. Only the parties, i.e. NRLCA or USPS can sue to enforce/implement the contract, not the arbitrator nor individual union members. His job was to impose the contract and not implement the...
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    Consolidated Casing

    Exactly what I thought!!! Every time I read an MOU/grievance settlement that starts out with 'both parties agree there is no national impact' or whatever the specific wording is, I think: "Both parties thought the issue was so important that it had to go to the highest level for settlement...
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    Out for trigger finger surgery, hearing what going on at PO while i'm out

    That requires competence. I never answer my phone or respond to a text from my PM - both when on and off duty. May respond to others when convenient. Try to respond to fellow rural carriers ASAP. When my PM asked awhile back, I said "I do not know if I can complete the 9.2 hour evaluated...
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    How to look up X days and Annual on Postal Blue?

    If I remember correctly, go to "ePayroll", which is an option in the center box, and click your last paystub. The left side lists your available leave. By the way, if you have direct deposit but are not getting a paper stub, you can opt into a mailed paper stub on the ePayroll page.
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    Sep 2019 Mail Count

    Ha ha. Thanks. Looking forward to retirement - hopefully before the new evaluated system gets implemented. Every time I get some waiting time pay, I think the penalty for incompetence is too small at the regular rate. Make it 150% pay and see if the trucks start getting to the local PO on...
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    Sep 2019 Mail Count

    Hunchback, I agree the union fails to obtain meaningful concessions. It just kills me when the union agrees to additional work without requiring payment at the overtime rate. For example, when the scans started and the agreed time was, say 30 seconds, the pay should have been at 45 seconds...
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    over burden routes

    Only during Christmas "assistance" is the late arrival parcels being delivered by the RCA and only on Mondays and Fridays. And the Friday assistance is mainly to help reduce the Saturday load for the RCA. Sounds like both of our offices are operating in a similar fashion. Don't know what...
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    over burden routes

    The truck is leaving as we come to work most days. They've closed the processing plants, so we at the far ends no longer have any slack. PM will not authorize assistance. We are lucky if we get 1 hour per route assistance on Mondays and Fridays during Christmas - and Fridays are so that...
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    over burden routes

    The star route is our truck in and out of the plant. So everything has to go right to get done within the 9 hour window to meet dispatch. Amazon killing me - at least 2 trips per day. Past year was brutal - wind turbine construction, railroad reconstruction, and a terrible winter of ice and...
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    over burden routes

    Can a carrier request the route to be cut to, say, a 43J? My route is a 46K, or 9.2 hours/day, but the star route doesn't get to the office until 7 AM and leaves at 4:15 PM. I report at 7:15, so I have 9 hours without a lunch break. There is only one other route, and it is evaluated at a 43K...
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    I've been waiting for you to ask "Will the NRLCA call PMG Brennan a spoiled brat?" if she turns down the contract agreement that has been sitting on her desk for over a week. My guess is NRLCA bosses will have a different attitude toward the PMG than the disrespect shown the union members after...
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    Digitizing routes

    I asked my PM about us running our routes according to the 4003. She hasn't heard anything about it. No directions whatsoever. For the past year I doubt I ran my route for one whole week according to the 4003. Road and railroad work, snow and flooding, and wind turbine construction had a...