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    How many routes do i have to do?

    I'm curious if I can be forced to do all of the routes in our office. There are routes that I absolutely do not want to do. The regular on a specific route has skipped counts for their own benefit. I feel as though I should not have to do this route. It gets an extreme amount of parcels and the...
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    ARCS running express

    Are arcs allowed to run express on Saturdays? Anyone know?
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    Breakdown time

    If an RCA has a flat tire or is involved in an accident how are we paid? If we are still able to finish within evaluation are we paid extra for that down time or is it considered part of eval? How does management put it through for pay? Edit... while driving an LLV not POV
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    matrix and OT

    As an rca I have worked 2 days 19.5 hrs this week. 1 day on a Monday rt I've only done once about a year ago 10.5 hrs. Now my #2 needs to be covered Wed, Thurs and Fri.  Can they take away 1 of those days to keep me out of OT? 
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    making changes on the matrix

    I'm searching for information on making changes to the matrix. Can 2nd and 3rd choices be changed? Can senior rcas change their 2nd and 3rd choice when a new employee is hired?