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  1. J

    ok. so i got the job..

    got that covered. short of subs. i volunteered to work the next 4 saturdays with a day off during the week.
  2. J

    ok. so i got the job..

    i officially get place on the 17th. I have been an aux for the last 5 years. I have accumulated sick and annual leave. The last carrier that graduated from the aux route had to fight to keep his leave time. they wanted to pay him for it. I can do without leave for 4 months. So my...
  3. J

    Anyone on a POV Route would have to be an idiot to vote yes

    its amazing how new rhd vehicles are priced. 100 mile route. .70 ema(for demonstration purposes). 70 bucks a day. 350 a week. 18200 a year. from my experience, half the ema goes to repair. so 9k a year give/take. 9x5(avg life of loan)=40. new rhds are 40-45k. amazing...its like they know...
  4. J

    Aux RCA's leave earning

    its shown in 8 hour days. aux has to declare number of hours requested when putting in for leave.
  5. J

    still quitting the USPS

    i just got appointed a full time job. but im also looking at the job ads. I dont really want to have to start at the bottom again. but ive had more trouble in the last 2 years than the previous 11 combined.. If it keeps going this way, ill find something else.
  6. J

    Bidding on a route

    Just got awarded a job. Liteblue the ebid.there is a slideshow someone linked in another of my posts. I'm mobile,so hard to link right now. But it's pretty easy.
  7. J

    package lookahead not working

    got dinged for a missed scan yesterday. but the pm couldnt tell me anything other than it was priority select. no address. just the number. she then asked me to go find it.. well i looked. while i was on the route..nothing. she said nothing this afternoon. but the last two days, my package...
  8. J

    anyone else have login problems on ebidding?

    tell them to try mobile. my android phone still works fine.
  9. J

    anyone else have login problems on ebidding?

    well apparently ebidding no longer works on my version of chrome. it works on internet explorer though.
  10. J

    anyone else have login problems on ebidding?

    bid my job last week. was going to check on the bid. i get into liteblue ok. but when i go to ebidding...i get another login screen. my number/password doesnt work there. i have no idea what the user id would be. and there is no "forgot password" button. but i can still login on my phone as...
  11. J

    RRECS Drive Time

    i shouldnt reply when my brain isnt quite fully functional. it doesnt seem quite as bad this afternoon.
  12. J

    RRECS Drive Time

    this cant be right. i cant drive my route in under 4.5 hours. which is 270 minutes. that comes out to the longest time it tells me. 4.5 hours is a nearly no package day for me. its always 5 or over. according to the car display i average 21 mph. 102 miles. i dont drive slow.
  13. J

    Study hours and driving habits, but what about EMA?

    how about this..right hand drive vehicle lot in the midwest. they are converting cherokees with factory parts from japan. last three 2019s were advertised at 34-36k. the next one on the website now is 46k. so not only is the po not paying us. we are getting screwed on the buying side as well.
  14. J

    Our pod has arrived

    if its a shipping container. 8x10 or 8x20. i think they make an 8x10. i know they make an 8x20
  15. J

    Start Times...

    here, for some stupid reason, they have started figuring start times by the time dispatch truck gets here. So, if you have an 8 hour route, and the truck comes at 430, you start at 8, allowing for a half hour lunch. I dont understand how thats going to work in november. but not my circus.
  16. J

    Start Times...

    if the post office had safety in mind..we would start earlier and get done earlier. but then they would have to bring a clerk or two in early. So $$ supercede safety. It was really nice to start at 630 am. it was like having extra days off. you could schedule a 330 appointment and still make...
  17. J

    Newly hired and need suggestions

    why is it so disorganized? every office ive ever worked in..presort flats first..then raw flats. then raw letters. then dps. packages last. When i mark my packages, i try to put them as close to route order as i can get the large packages. but i work in small offices. so im not in everyone...
  18. J

    End of the RCA as we know it

    already happening here. set hours. 20/hr. and benefits. no brainer, especially if you have to buy a car to deliver mail.
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    bidding job question

    as far as i can tell. its not posted yet. It should also be posted on the office board correct?
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    bidding job question

    i was told it was to be posted in 10. could be delayed 45. then delayed another 45..