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  1. UnknownUser

    Open ear bone conduction headphones

    Anyone here ever use these types of headsets or have someone in your office that does? I'm in an llv office and they want no one to use ear buds on the route. I still do but only one, still not supposed to, and am thinking about trying these out because they don't go into your ear, so you can...
  2. UnknownUser

    How many scans do you have? Poll

    Just curious to see if anyone else checks their scanner after delivery.
  3. UnknownUser

    Demonstrated ability*

    Anyone hear about recent route cuts to their evaluations due to finishing under evaluation? One carrier in my office talks frequently about an office that was cutting every route 2 hours due to carriers performance? A carrier in my office works well under evaluation by probably 20 hours under...
  4. UnknownUser

    FedEx Amazon loss contract

    When is the timeline for their dismissal of contact? It seems extremely heavy for my route now, are they still delivering their packages or what? I would expect a large increase but hell it if gets worse if really like a count this September.
  5. UnknownUser

    Postal Workers and Allies Flood Congress with Calls for “Postal Service Fairness”

    Thousands of APWU members joined our nationwide phone action on Tuesday, July 23 to tell Congress to fix a bad law that has put our public Postal Service in jeopardy. More than 5,000 postal workers, allies, and community supporters called their Representative in Washington, DC and asked them to...
  6. UnknownUser

    Amazon says drones will be making deliveries in ‘months’

    Wonder how close they'll get to the front door.
  7. UnknownUser

    Who will deliver these packages..

    Hopefully this isn't a joint venture between the USPS and Walmart. I'm wondering if I should look into getting a job delivering Walmart's packages. Their future is likely better than USPS's. After reading the news about Amazon giving employees 3 months of pay and 10k to start up delivery...
  8. UnknownUser

    Route digitization results

    Well this is not the results.. I'm sorry... What changes do you think will happen from the results? Do you think they will use this information to try to square up routes in your office? Do you think it's sole purpose is to get a mileage vehicle to be sent to your office to correct incorrect...
  9. UnknownUser

    USPS employees see pay ‘rise faster’ than other feds

    Here's an interesting read that should start some discussions.
  10. UnknownUser

    Digging up bones

    My route was an old aux route that was built up after the first count in 2018. It became officially vacant on the 7th of August and was to be posted a 43k. I was awarded the route and started 9/29. So the last day of count was my first day at my new office. The route lost an hour. My DR said...
  11. UnknownUser

    Long and short term disability

    <p style="text-align: justify">So I'll be regular shortly and I think I'm going to shop around for insurance. I've seen several rural carriers out due to disability, including my mother. I do not want to end up on disability but want to be prepared should an injury or illness occur. What...
  12. UnknownUser

    Manager secretly recording with cell phone

    It was brought to my attention today that our new temp acting station manager was doing route observations on a jr sub last week. After finishing the observation the manager was using their video recording on her phone pointed down to try to not be noticed, trying to get the sub to admit to not...
  13. UnknownUser

    Hold down leave earning status question

    If a rural route is a hold down due to the regular carrier being busy with union duties and the primary RCA that's assigned quits, the route bids to all RCAs, and is awarded to the senior bidding RCA. Since the route is already 'vacant/hold down'. Is it the RCA working 90 days to change to...
  14. UnknownUser

    Injured on the route

    I'm an RCA serving a route that the assigned regular is out due to a surgery, the route is not a hold down yet. I fell an injured my ankle/foot (nothing broke) last week. I went to urgent care and then a follow up with occupational medicine the next morning and returned my CA-16. My restrictions...