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    All Aux routes getting the new Mercedes vans

    Does anybody know how many routes are 108 miles or more? So, my impression is the PO is going to convert the lowest mileage POV routes that get the guaranteed minimum EMA and POV routes that are 108 miles or more. If that is the case, the two routes in my office will get the new vehicles.
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    Who Decides RCA Package Assistance?

    Clerk in my office said POOM said no assistance on Tuesday for Hawkeye District. Said in one office that gets 4000 parcels to expect 14,000. The PMs asked how she expected the parcels to get delivered. POOM said letter volume is down. Clerk said the PMs were not happy. I am glad I have...
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    Overpayment of retroactive payments

    A follow-up to the above post ... I cannot believe the union did not insist the USPS provide an individual accounting of the original adjustment. I cannot believe the union does not insist the USPS provide an individual accounting of their screw-up prior to the USPS garnishing up to 15% of the...
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    Overpayment of retroactive payments

    Why wouldn't the USPS and NRLCA directly contact the employees rather than us guessing whether or not this is applicable to us and contacting the District Representative? Just another example of incompetence. Edit: This is not directed to btdtret, but rather to management's and the union's...
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    Office Holiday Monday Master plan

    My Monday master plan - leave town Friday afternoon and not be back until Wednesday.
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    Backpay screw job

    The "MISC" on my paystub ( PS Form 1223-B) is the total deductions taken from my backpay. If you would add all the deductions from the 11 adjustments it should equal the "MISC". At least on mine, the "NET" + "EM-E" (which is the EMA) = "NET PAY $xxxx.xx NT BK", so it appears it is correct...
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    Guessing here about passports

    The requirement has been pushed back to October 2021 due to COVID-19. Source: Google search "Real ID COVID-19 deadline extended".
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    POLL: Retro Backpay....

    $950 Gross. $650 Net. Mine was $10 (Gross) more than I estimated, so I am sure mine is spot on.
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    July 2019 Cola

    @Punkie5 @FrozenToes As I promised, the back pay is in my current paycheck. So things maybe finally settled with current employees. Hopefully there is an update regarding the back pay for the retirees. Hope your retirement is going well Punkie. You made the right decision in leaving when...
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    postmaster general

    If you read the article you linked to, you'd read Runyon was a carryover to the Bill Clinton administration (from Bush 1.) Also, if you read the article, you'd find it wasn't apolitical, claiming 'Hilary's friends' would get cabinet jobs. So it is ok to undermine Bill Clinton's appointments...
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    At our breaking point!

    We get a double shipment of Amazon on Mondays as Amazon does not send out the truck to our two route PO on Sunday. Last Monday we had a triple dose as the Saturday load was missent and never showed up. No parcel assistance. Then phone books and two other boxholders on Tuesday. I went in...
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    Best time to retire

    Retirement date and pay periods are separate. You will not accumulate your AL and SL the last pay period if you are no longer working. It is my understanding the days after your retirement are coded LWOP to ensure you are eligible for your first FERS check (in your case, on July 1.) As long...
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    Voting by mail will it work or not?

    I appreciate your response. I did a Google search and read the article as well as the article from PolitiFact before asking for your source. I wanted to see if you would critically reconsider your statement that "millions of votes cast (in Los Angeles)" were cast by persons unqualified to...
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    Voting by mail will it work or not?

    Would you please cite your source for the claim that millions of votes were cast in Los Angeles by unqualified voters. Thanks.
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    Cause for celebration?

    Obviously, as soon as administratively possible. Seriously, congratulations. I have no idea, but I would contact the ADR to cover your bases in case you need to file another grievance if payment is not timely. Finally, no good deed goes unpunished. So expect retribution. So file whenever...
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    Yahoo a 90 day Temp boss decree and some input from our community...

    In my opinion, the data collection for the individual route evaluation has not begun. We are not scanning the extra daily events. Therefore, the USPS is not accumulating the data for the end-of-day activities. We are not scanning our boxholder information. Again, in my opinion, the mapping...
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    Currently 13 Postal Workers Have Covid-19

    I take mine every morning. I am not sure I would want management within 6 feet of me at this time. If the USPS cannot provide wipes, etc., how can you trust its sanitary procedure with a thermometer?
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    Legislative Update: Paid Leave Benefits Law, Postal Unions Urge Senate to Support USPS During Pandemic

    The unions asked for this stimulus package. Not sure why they didn't ask for anything that would directly benefit all of the workers. I cannot believe they did not request passage of the buyback for RCA time for retirement and an early retirement buyout to give an incentive for the older...
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    NRLCA Communiations

    The status quo leadership haven't been responsive. A few gripers might at least attempt to make some positive change.
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    Turning 65 -Medicare Question

    Do not get Medigap if you have FEHB coverage. You are over-insuring yourself. I believe if you can sign up for Medicare Part A at no cost. Some of the FEHB plans act as if a Medigap plan and eliminate the co-pays and deductibles for the hospital stays. You need to verify your plan does this...