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    Meaningful gain

    considering that at this latest round the post offices opening round was they wanted to due away with colas for both current and retirees,and that was rebuffed and remains i would say is a pretty good gain.that fact that they got the post office to at least set a course to equalize table 2...
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    MBU package question

    as stated im just a small cog in the machine doing what im told by folks with higher pay grades than i
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    Rate of EMA in new contract

    yes the ema will stay the same as it is now,until the next quartely adjustment.the only thing they did was include a floor that ema cant go below,and put it in actual writing.this was what was said at our ratification meeting,sad was the attendance we had 27 people show up in a state with 3500...
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    as long as i can stay at our slightly increase my evaluation,i would gladly go back to a pov on my route.
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    Changed office start time

    i call it postal logic.the ones in charge believe we can start 3 hours later and get back 3 hours sooner.they dont see the relation to starting later get done later.they have told the lie of there is no mail so much,they actually believe it.
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    What would you do....

    your old boss came in all rared up one day threating to do this crap in our office,i had just went over this with the postmaster at the time,he as usual dint care he was going to get it done his way.i then went to my locker and handed him a letter with the step 4 settelment in it,then i handed...
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    all this bullshit has not one thing to do with safety.there i said it,just like i told my is just outright harrassment in what i believe is a campaign to see how many table 1 people will just throw their hands up and quit.i have been targeted for this,here is how this works.last...
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    MBU package question

    nope we 3849 at the case,amazon and all.our poom told us we are not to travel on private roads,which are what our ndcbus are,as they are trailer parks.claimed we are not compensated for traveling them,and since not government maintained there is no way to guarantee safe road...
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    Advice please

    i agree with rt2 above.especialy if all the routes are in a office that work together,give and take to cover each any,and everything to prevent going formula,once you go that way its way too difficult to come back
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    Postal Pulse....Another good laugh..

    that had to be a classic moment for sure
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    Throwing away standard mail..

    all of this because the post office has forgotten what the last word of our name is about service . we used to provide that,now it is all about give me your cash,and maybe we will get your product delivered correctly.
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    Meeting Eval.... or not

    absolutley remember aol,as well as alot of things in the letter trays that were considered letters and flats if they were over the top of the they can put a magazine in the dps tray as long as the address label is on long ways its just a letter at dps credit.
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    Meeting Eval.... or not

    ive sad for a long time,the only way the amazon deal even remotely works is because of the free labor we do.if there ever comes a day that we are compensated for the extra time this shit show takes,it will all come crashing down.right now they are being anal on making sure you are hauling all...
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    Route digitization results

    the thing i have noticed most in the last 2 weeks is that almost all houses i bust my hump getting some large oversized dog food or paper towel amazon to the door,and wala there on the porch is some cute little padded envelope that i could have put in the box,that the men in brown have left. all...
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    How far is required to walk to the door?

    our old poom,who was an ever loving a**. gave us the only reasonable term ever in that we wernt to walk a parcel more tan 100 feet,as that was what was reasonable.we use this to this day.if your distance challenged that is aproximately 5 llv long.was the only thing the guy ever dd or said that...
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    Time Tracking App & Scanner harness

    if your friendly with the ups dud that drops at the back door,you can weasel a holster from them,most keep extras in their truck.these are so much better and easier to use than anything our employer has provided its amazing.the scanner is right there by your side,and you have both hands free at...
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    congratulations hope all is well and stays that way for you.please stop by and shae advice and observations from time to time.
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    Losing Amazon

    i have seen the same trend here as well.stuff that is a 1/3 the size of our llvs,yet you get there and in the porch is a small mailboxable parcel that one of the two have delivered.