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  1. Boston65

    Where did you leave parcel for so and so address a month ago?

    When and if RREC is implemented, this will play a vital role in our compensation. Once the plotting of mailboxes and front doors has been completed, scanning to the correct location will give the correct feet for parcel delivery.
  2. Boston65

    Where did you leave parcel for so and so address a month ago?

    This is why it is so important to only scan at the door or mailbox of where it goes. Can’t argue if it is where it was supposed to be.
  3. Boston65

    Where did you leave parcel for so and so address a month ago?

    Yep. Customer launched a Service Request (complaint). Difficult to find it a month later.
  4. Boston65

    Drats! The New Vans!

    Oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all drive LLV’s, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends. So oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz
  5. Boston65

    Angry..... cant think

    Sounds like Manglement has gotten confused about the MOU pertaining to allowing regulars to work Sundays as well as allowing to work other routes, but must still safe guard your 2080 / 2240
  6. Boston65

    Discipline Procedures

    Was there an informal discussion with stewie present prior to LOW?
  7. Boston65

    Full day of relief

    The program used is called DRT for Dynamic Routing. It is Amazon’s and uses the Co Pilot program. It tracks by Y -City and L-Rural. It provides parcel count, total time to deliver each of those routes. It does have you drive back some, which is frustrating.
  8. Boston65

    Flip windows

    There is a thing called Box Commander that I believe was invented by a rural carrier. It is made of hard plastic and can be worn like a ring on the right hand. I use it daily.
  9. Boston65

    Academy vs. The Real Deal

    Years ago I was fortunate to get to do shadow, then work my assigned route before being sent to the academy. I believe this made a world of difference so that when I got there I was NOT overwhelmed. Somewhere they decided to do shadow day, then orientation, drivers training then academy. Talk...
  10. Boston65

    Packages in Pictures --FREE STUFF--

    One day only, 2 trips
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    Here by a plug..

    Every regular has paid the penance of being an RCA. Every new RCA faces newer challenges as the business that we are in changes (evolves). This job is not for everyone, so the question that only YOU can answer is whether YOU are up for the challenge. This is not a game, just reality where every...
  12. Boston65


    If you have been keeping track of your actual working hours since the guarantee period began, you should know where you are. You will get a discussion, letter asking you to take annual to get your 2080 under control. You can take LWOP, but they can not demand it. Caution on LWOP. Too many hours...
  13. Boston65

    Help. I am about to go postal!!!

    Out of respect for those that were killed just doing their job when a disturbed co worker took his anger on all near him, I implore you to seek EAP first, and take Oi Veh’s advice. Using that phrase is NOT cool!
  14. Boston65

    Working regular on overtime list or splitting route?

    Being on the OTDL is not a guarantee. It is cheaper for the PO to split the route.
  15. Boston65

    Do we go to work in a National State of Emergency?

    Are you not signing for the customer? Your initials, route number and C-19 (Covid-19). Return cards complete the 3 boxes Customers initials, date and agent C-19 No interaction with customers! Carrier release parcels should be left. Sender has assumed responsibility for parcel.
  16. Boston65

    A Raleigh postal worker tested positive for COVID-19

    The military can and will take over in the event the PO can not continue operations. They have APO and the staffing to run it.
  17. Boston65

    4003 update

    As a carrier, you must update and maintain the Edit book. This is first step. Turn in and they will update all but new addresses. The edit book will get sent up to District where AMS will add the new addresses. The 4003 can be updated any time, but after this occurs. All must match before it...
  18. Boston65

    proper use of sick leave

    The new mantra is.... If you need to go to the doctor, schedule before / after your tour or better still on your day off. Sick leave should be banked in the event you have a serious illness or hospitalization you can use it. More than 3 days of sick and you will need a doctors note stating...
  19. Boston65

    one month...

    If an adjustment was made you would have been given a copy. You would have been asked to sign the original which they maintain at your Post Office.