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    Defund the Union!

    I'm with you. How do you get out of the union? My anniversary is june or July, not sure how to find it
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    Amazon Sunday Question

    Youre in a crappy office. Ours, we have 2 retirees that only want to work 1 day a week (most often they get it), 1 guy who goes on religious missions for 6 months, and worst of all... Someone hasn't worked in 9 months, has a full time 6 day a week job, just saving his spot in case he wants to go...
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    8127 Time Retaliation

    11 am?! I have this exact scenario in my office. Everyone comes in at 745, my start time 9 am because I always have to wait for clerks to do accountable cart. I take DPS to street. So finally I filed wait time grievance, they pushed my start time back, PM curses, yells because i filed on her, so...
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    Angry..... cant think

    Pretty simple if it was me, I'd do the route as slow as physically possible, take any unused breaks and lunches, basically be as useless to the post office as the PM is
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    All our LLV's are being replaced by FFV's

    I drove an FFV on a Sunday once, that thing had some giddy up to it! Not sure if they're all like that. I cant believe they're making us go from LLV to POV tho when we go regular. That's not what we were told when hired:/ only in an emergency
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    Regular Rural Carriers might lose LLVs.

    Yup I made a comment a couple days ago that everywhere in my area they're saying theyre going to take them away when someone retires. I'm next to go regular. I had a conversation with the shop that works on our vehicles. He said he talked to the guy from USPS that he has to order the parts from...
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    All our LLV's are being replaced by FFV's

    Our PM and everywhere in our area are getting rid of LLVs when someone retires/new route is created and replacing them with......... Nothing. Making them POVs. Guess whos next to become regular. This guy. Yay!!!!! Not
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    -4 of the 6 days this week we had 1 tray of DPS -Half the days no presort flats to speak of. No tub of flats (or very very light), raw letters basically nothing except 1 or 2 days. Medium size stack of raw flats thats it -1 boxholder since this thing started -packages noticeably low -one...
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    Carrier next to my case tested positive, now what?

    We have 2 that tested positive (not a large office either.) I wasn't told as I have a later start time than everyone else (thanks union steward) so I drove the truck for 2 days without wiping anything down. PM wasnt allowed to divulge medical info they say. A note at my desk telling me to clean...
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    Gloves or no gloves?

    I can't work without them. Helps the grip with the mail. Prevents cuts from metal mailboxes and papercuts! Half the people in our office wear them even before Corona
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    Package Disparity?

    So basically what youre saying is, the new system is going to suck so bad people are going to miss the old cheating mail count days. Wow. Another win for our Union
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    DPS & POV

    Cant imagine why ANYONE would waste time casing DPS. Takes forever to put up, takes 5X longer to pull down. Was always worst part of my day. Now I get to office and do not care how much DPS there is. However I'm in LLV. Not sure id like it in POV. Only ever done an Aux in own vehicle
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    Anyone get a stand up about the Corona?

    Not sure. Maybe. I don't listen tbh
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    Post President's Day fun

    Yeah but at least in my area we didn't have our usual 1 full raw tray that they didn't feel like running through the DPS. Happens almost every day after holiday
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    LLV route to POV?

    1.) Shes one of those do whatever she wants types 2.) Our area steward came to our office the same day that conversation took place. Hes only ever visited our office once (he's buddy buddy with PM) 3.) Yes, youre correct. 13 routes, I don't give honest office specifics, it was a made up number...
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    LLV route to POV?

    14 route office, all LLVs, senior reg carrier (that i trust) told me that PM said the next time someone retires she'll be taking the LLV away (doing what with it Idk) and making it a POV route. Im next in line, can she do this? 14 routes will have LLVs and mine wont? No aux routes in office...
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    Officially the bad guy

    Yup me too. I was the golden child, now I'm the demon child. Filed grievances for wait time, among other things. Then we started getting daily safety talks, 2 carriers blamed me, they tried filing a grievance on me for it LOL carrier on carrier grievance umm no. Neither of us have spoken one...
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    PM trying to call me in from vacation!??

    I wouldn't worry at all. You did not see their calls until mid-day the day before you're due to return. No excuses needed. Are they going to subpoena Verizon/Sprint and get the results of your phone usage? Lol. Enjoy your time off and don't even think of USPS any further
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    Locked out and left behind

    I call it free speech protected by the 1st amendment. I also call it 1st world problems, that's when you know you're living too comfortable of a life. When someone's reddit handle bothers you.
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    Mail manipulation

    Yep, last 2 days super easy. I was on pace for 3 hours overtime, I ended up getting 38.5 hours. They saved themselves millions and millions doing that.