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  1. Casca

    Packages in Pictures --FREE STUFF--

    Thanks for the calendar :) looks great!
  2. Casca

    Company Hung Advertisement on Boxes

    Nothing in or on without postage affixed or money for postage. I have pulled and given to the PM: Wedding invites Birthday cards Roofing estimates Rent checks Lost dog flyers Vacation bible school flyers “I buy used cars” flyers Insurance salesmen business cards Political ads etc, etc I throw...
  3. Casca

    4th of July is on the way what makes it great?

    Flag flying high, friends and family, burgers on the grill, beer in the ice chest, and sitting in the pontoon boat at night on the lake watching the fireworks.
  4. Casca

    What's inside you mailbox?

    I like to put ant baits in the back of the box. Keeps the ants out looking for higher ground in the rain. Seems to help with other critters too I’ve also been known to take that redi-mixed roundup in the spray jug with the long hose and spray all the crap growing around the boxes. Put the jug...
  5. Casca

    We're my mail

    nah. Odds are the phone is off the hook, or they’d get our answering machine lol
  6. Casca

    We're my mail

    I’ve had customers ask me about it. I tell them I don’t have it so I don’t know how it works. When they ask why don’t I have it, I tell them I don’t want the USPS building a database of what mail I get so that they can sell my address to junk mailers.
  7. Casca

    Leaving the union?

    you forgot the swell magazine with pics of convention goers having a great time.
  8. Casca

    Coronavirus all gone

    not me. That lawyer, tax commission, irs, sheriff didn’t pay for me to sign. They want theirs for legal reasons and I’m not getting dragged into a “that’s not my signature, I didn’t tell him to do that, I never saw it” situation. They don’t want to sign, it will be waiting for them at the po...
  9. Casca

    thinking of leaving...

    Delivery vehicle would be cargo van capable of 200 packages, not a Jeep holding 50
  10. Casca

    All Aux routes getting the new Mercedes vans

    They’ve called and asked if we had room for one in the parking lot, but did say it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting one. But if they’re thinking adding a vehicle, that means the city and aux rts are keeping theirs.
  11. Casca

    All Aux routes getting the new Mercedes vans

    While I would certainly like to get one and retire my wrangler, I’m sort of skeptical of its endurance. my route is 95 miles with only 6 paved. The rest is gravel when you can find it, county roads. I run 10ply geolanders and get in the neighborhood of 20k miles on them. I change brakes...
  12. Casca

    No Mail Receptacle and packages

    yea, that’s what I do, but I remember when the pm at the time showed me the change (to the dmm, around 2015) I remember saying crap the way that’s worded, even Certifieds have to go past 1/2 mile and he agreed. But anyway, I’m looking for it, out of curiosity now ;)
  13. Casca

    No Mail Receptacle and packages

    i read something a few years ago about the 1/2 mile rule and special handling service, but can’t remember the exact wording. But basically express, registered, and certified are a special handling service paid for by the customer and are exempt from the 1/2 mile rule and are to be delivered...
  14. Casca

    No Mail Receptacle and packages

    Another option. Take it with you on the route after you scan it returned, “just in case they put a box up since the day before.” They track it, see it scanned, come to get it, not there, get a call where’s the package, I decided to take it after I scanned it just in case they put a box up, get...
  15. Casca

    Leaving the union?

    first person to benefit from hourly is the aux route rca when that route goes regular from all the other routes getting cut to get them to 8 hours a day.
  16. Casca

    No Mail Receptacle and packages

    General delivery is just that. The piece has to be addressed General Delivery and is intended for travelers passing through and short term use. The people referenced in the OP do not have a P.O. Box in that office, but in another office. They are addressing packages with only their physical...
  17. Casca

    No Mail Receptacle and packages

    If they’re picking them up at the counter, and are NOT, P.O. Box customers at YOUR office, they’re getting free call service which is a theft of revenue. USPS IG would be all over that
  18. Casca

    Did you get assistance today?

    POOM said absolutely no assistance for regular carriers. I got back just under 12 hours, other reg got back at 12.5 240 scans. Averaged 46 scans a day during 2018 mailcount. Kept track last 2 weeks. 117 average now. we used to say, “I’ve got 33 parcels today, but I don’t have to get out...
  19. Casca

    Package lookahead

    track it after you get back. Could be parcels that scan to your route but actually box section or another route and the clerk catches it. Because our scheme is messed up, I have on average 5-8 a day that scan as my route but belong to box section or the city route. We don’t do look ahead in...
  20. Casca


    I have a RHD wrangler. Pre amazon, perfect. now post amazon 2 trips almost daily. But definitely not cheap/good. It’s good, but if on rough dirt roads then it will require constant maintenance which ain’t cheap. started with a ford ranger in 2006. Still have it as a backup. I sat in the...