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  1. wamailmom

    Back pay for former RCA?

    I quit end of February 2019. I figured I wouldn't get any back pay because I'd quit. One of my former coworkers told me she thought I should be getting back pay. I haven't seen anything or heard from the post office. Am I right that it will be a "screw you" situation because I quit?
  2. wamailmom

    New RCA Assessment

    I could write some personality test questions for them. How about these true or false questions: * My job is a higher priority than my family. * My job is a higher priority than my health. * If a close family member died tomorrow, I would not miss any work.
  3. wamailmom

    Tired of working all the time.....

    Sounds like the office I resigned from back in late February....
  4. wamailmom

    Resigned yesterday

    I was in the Pasco, WA 99301 office Sprocket.
  5. wamailmom

    Resigned yesterday

    I did. I mailed a copy to everyone suggested except for the POOM. I couldn't get anyone to tell me who the POOM was. Most didn't know. Former supervisor wouldn't tell me, and further informed me that I had my panties in a wad. I'm sure I won't hear anything back from any of them. I did add...
  6. wamailmom

    Resigned yesterday

    I still haven't sent the letter yet. I've been working on other things, and having trouble finding names and addresses. I've got my letter to attach to my resignation letter ready, and was addressing envelopes yesterday. But I can't for the life of me find out who our POOM is. None of my...
  7. wamailmom

    Guy taking pic of arrow key!

    Supervisors were checking our shoes daily in the office I quit from... Time well spent, I'm sure. Funny thing is, right before Christmas, we had a carrier go out on medical leave for a slip/trip/fall accident. She was was wearing completely "legal" boots, but stupid for the weather.
  8. wamailmom

    July 4th-- exhausted, and about had it.

    It doesn't normally snow much here... This was definitely a freak year. All of winter hit in one week in February, and lasted about three in total... It was something else... Summers here usually have many days over 100, but it has been cooler this week as well. We don't generally have much...
  9. wamailmom

    July 4th-- exhausted, and about had it.

    Exchange the heat for cold and icy snow-covered roads and driveways, and that was exactly how I was feeling the last day before I quit... It was a Sunday, and I was cursing every customer for ordering crap that would fit in mailboxes but having it delivered on Sunday as I trudged up their...
  10. wamailmom

    PTF step increase

    Not true. You will start as a regular on the same step you are on as a PTF.
  11. wamailmom

    Different Rules, Different Day = Same Crap

    I can't believe the office I used to work for.... When I started as an RCA, in January 2017, there was another RCA that had been there a few months (much less than a year), who had been fired for getting into an accident, where she backed into someone's brand new car while servicing her route...
  12. wamailmom

    Formula office and PTF's?

    They don't HAVE to create any PTF positions. And no, PTFs do not get paid holidays. It is supposedly "built in" to their slightly increased pay rate. If a PTF goes over 40 hours, they get paid time and a half, just like an RCA would.
  13. wamailmom

    Following orders = losing job?

    I'm an idiot, I guess.... There's a LOT I don't miss about it... But some things I do.
  14. wamailmom

    Following orders = losing job?

    I always felt like that too. Amazon setting USPS up for failure. USPS setting its employees up for failure....
  15. wamailmom

    Following orders = losing job?

    I hated having someone else case.... Spent the whole day finding mistakes.... After my last comment, I was chauffeuring my daughter to her next event, and had a flashback of the first time this job put me in tears. My husband and I had tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan about an hour away from...
  16. wamailmom

    Following orders = losing job?

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm not a cryer, but this job made me cry on several occasions.... Once while delivering in the dark on a route I didn't know, and many times after I got home.... Sheer exhaustion.... No job before ever did that to me. My husband thought I was nuts, actually...
  17. wamailmom

    Amazon says drones will be making deliveries in ‘months’

    Try 30 seconds. And 20 of that is sorting it in the office.
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    Totally unrelated, but love your new avatar!
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    Customer pickup is a spr (can fit in box)

    There are RCAs who will just leave an outgoing package in a CBU mail slot assuming it was incoming mail from the day before.... One person I delivered to would put a post-it note that said "outgoing" on the end of any packages they had going out (that were in their CBU mail slot). Maybe you...
  20. wamailmom

    Closing llv door while curbside delivery?

    We were told in my old office that the door had to be closed if the LLV was moving. This was at the same time we were directed that both the lap and shoulder belts had to be fastened any time the LLV was in motion...