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    Carrier next to my case tested positive, now what?

    She went home feeling sick, all the symptoms on Saturday. Went for test Sunday and tested positive. I have off for 12 days starting Tuesday and was called during my time off by PM and told she tested positive. Wednesday, super early I get a call from a postal nurse telling me to take 2 weeks...
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    Back pay PP6??

    Maybe I missed it but I thought it was supposed to come on pay period 6? Did they push the pay back again?
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    extending a factory warranty

    2017 JKU RHD purchased a extended warranty through the dealer from First Service Warranties. Took jeep to dealership today and they said they won't cover it because its a commercial vehicle, even though you don't need commercial insurance. Anyway this is a warning for those buying vehicles for...
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    Seriously Amazon? short, Amazon wants to help small business' to deliver their own good by leasing them delivery trucks. They will also help manage their costs associated with doing so.Really? They dump their parcels on us, for...
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    Amazon question

    Ok, this is kind of a rant/question and I probably know the answers deep down inside. We normally get Amazon around 730am, our clerks get there at 715am. Sometimes a little earlier or later, but mostly around then.  Today they didn't get there until after 9am, most of the carriers were already...
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    Mailbox fishing.

    Good story here, last few months our office was hit by people fishing in the boxes out front. Tying fishing line on old gatorade bottles, covered in some sticky substance and dipped into the mail slot and pulling out mail that stuck to the bottles. Well lit area, very well traveled street. They...