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  1. MiddleOfNowhere


    i used to always see ads from people looking to relocate, add they often included the phrase, "retirees please help" what are the guidelines for mutual transfers? where can someone find the "rules"? i can see a regular retiring from our apo/rmpo, this fall, and am wondering what it would take...
  2. MiddleOfNowhere

    rrec's ?

    i've gone through the 30+ threads on the standards, and am still looking for how actual time is figured in. i keep reading that actual time delivering will be the great equalizer for those that struggle with eval, compared to those that are beating eval daily. what am i missing?
  3. MiddleOfNowhere

    llv replacements

    just saw an ad for the mercedes-benz sprinter vans. said prices start at $33,900? why in the hell couldn't the po get a bulk rate price on a bunch of those, built as rhd. it would surely be cheaper than the prototype, bid process that we're going through now. they could probably start...
  4. MiddleOfNowhere

    $3K adjustment

    just checked liteblue, and saw i had a $3500+ adjustment to gross pay, which after taxes over doubled my normal check. no notation that i can find, that says what this is for. anyone else? it is under additional pay & other compensation update - i found under the leave and retirement...
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    bill passes house - h.r.2382

    to bad mcconnell is in charge of it's fate USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382) Passes the House of Representatives On Wednesday, February 5, the House voted to pass H.R. 2382. The final tallies came in at 222 yes votes for the Democrats, with the Republicans voting 87 in favor and 105 opposed...
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    ruthless amazon, strikes again some people just ruined their lives, leasing vehicles to deliver for amazon.
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    pay period 3 posted

    8:10 am cst, pay period 3 on liteblue. maybe there getting the bugs worked out...
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    the cry for more managers

    today, while talking to a former city carrier, now maintenance worker, we were discussing the plight of not getting time off. he said, of course, that management is supposed to cover rural routes in event of need. super overheard our talking, and chimed in that routes would have to sit...
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    reminder, it's time to reset tsp catch-up-fund contributions

    first of the year, you must re-enter an amount for catch up fund contributions. it automatically resets to zero on january 1. next years fund limit has raised to $6500 for the year, or $250 a pay period, if you start it now. regular tsp contribution amounts have been raised to $19,500, or...
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    the screwing that is the overtime period...

    i probably was screwed out of an hour today, compared to the rest of the year. about 15 minutes waiting time, (while a couple of clerks sorted the last two pallets of late amazon parcels), two minutes a mile on 12.5 miles for a second trip, 10 minutes unload/reload time, and another 5 minutes...
  11. MiddleOfNowhere

    check deposited early

    i don't ever remember seeing this before, but my po electronic deposit, went into my account today???
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    new tsp login

    anyone like the new two step process for login on the tsp website. after you sign up for it, (soon required), they either text or email you a 6 digit number that you need to enter to complete login. a bit of a hassle, but they seem to be pretty quick text the number at least.
  13. MiddleOfNowhere

    offices without subs

    i can see this being an issue in years soon to come. what are offices already in this type of situation doing? i can imagine a year from now, our office apo/rmpo, 8 route, 1 aux., will have only 1 or 2 subs, and that is with a sub that has never carried more than half of an 8 hour route, in...
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    available rca?

    simple enough, right. what is an available rca? going through implementation of formula, and number of available rca's is part of the formula. so, we had one quit a week or two ago, one quit today, and one is unavailable, as she looks to move to texas in the next 1-3 weeks. she is going to...
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    new form 50 posted

    i just went into my personal folder on liteblue to see if a new form 50 had been posted for a route adjustment. it hadn't for that, but one for our cola adjustment dated 8-31-19 was there, so everyone should have a raise on there next paycheck. at step 12 on a 43k it amounted to $1108...
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    a sign of what has come of our craft...

    i live in a low populated area of the midwest. people used to be on a waiting list to become an rca. when i started, i was told it would probably take 7 or 8 years to become full-time, ( it took 13 years ) in over 25 years that i've been employed by the po. i had seen 1 district wide...
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    timestamp on posts?

    is there a way to adjust the timestamp on thread posts? i had posted earlier at 7:45 am, and timestamp on post shows today 1:45 pm.
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    how to start a repetitive injury claim?

    i've got a rotator cuff thats going, and i've heard that sometimes there a nightmare to get to full recovery. what's the way to start this, so that i (in worst possible scenario) don't have to burn up all my sick leave? i'm maxed out on the amount of tylenol i'm taking.
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    enjoy the day!!!
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    what is the chain of command above my pm?

    curious as to who to contact directly above the pm. is it the poom, district manager, oig. i have a little issue with old pm who "stole postal resources" through deliberate action during mailcount. i'd like to send of an e-mail and cc it to everyone in the chain of command, so that whoever...