‘What am I doing here if I’m not being real.’


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It really didn't mesh with "keeping it real" and "being honest".

Of course a few of us are protagonists. But only to fuel thoughtful discussion and meaningful conversation.

We try to prompt the why in the way we think. Otherwise, if passion runs rampant, you're no better than this blm political movement that just last night tore down a statue of a union colonel who was a staunch abolitionist. They don't know why they are doing what they do.

And I support what @Rural Deviation is trying to attempt. I think we need to take over local and state boards, be the stewards, be the academy trainers. Make the change from the ground up thru discussion and education.
Yeah, even peeps we thought were on the same page, have apparently fallen apart.... what's that thing about United we stand.... lots of forces seek to divide and conquer.... js.... :unsure:

While I personally didn't follow the podcasts, I thought they were at least an attempt at some uniting effort.... but, with all the obstacles, I can see anybody getting frustrated.... remember Stewy.... js.... :oops:


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Have you not read the off topic threads?

We have passionate fights, but we all have one common bond that unites us despite our differing political views.

Try focusing on what we can unite on, and leave the other stuff alone.
We had a guy in another craft, he was great to work with.
We talked politics and never agreed.
I still listened to everything he said. He listened to me.

The PM at that time baited him into losing his temper, then had him arrested and removed from the building.
I gave a sworn statement to my friend's representative, and said no problem, I'll show up in court whenever you want me. I told him of my high esteem for his abused craft member.

This employee ran into me later, (after, I presume, he was awarded a large settlement. I didn't ask, he didn't tell. I understand non-disclosure agreements.)
He asked me why I liked him. I was surprised!

I told him:
I don't need to agree with you to like you.
You love your wife and family, especially your grand children.
You're a hard worker.
You listen to me, and I listen to you.
You're smart, patient and kind.
Your sense of humor has helped me survive some trying times.
I'd be crazy not to like you.
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Your podcasts have kept me sane listening to you guys during this “corona Christmas” while delivering mail on many days. I guess I didn’t catch the problem in the most recent episode, but I truly hope you guys get it back together and continue making episodes.

I’ll patiently be awaiting the next episode!!!