#103 Live 5/17/22

Rural Deviation

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Boys and Girls, if you listen to anything we do on this podcast....

Listen to this one... I'm going to post the audio tomorrow....

But one of our own here on the ruralmailtalkforum... @Dominator

Makes his full length episode appearance...

Check it out on Facebook or when the episode is uploaded on soundcloud.

Much appreciation and love for Dom stepping up and being a part of the conversation tonight.
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At 1:23.50 I partially misspoke.

I referenced ELM 4 and EL-312

As to ELM 4, I meant ELM 365 (Close, but no cigar)

I was pointing to the difference in terms as to two types of "separation" of non-career employees:

1) "Termination, expiration of appointment" or "separation " (for employees that don't receive a probationary period) and;

2) Separation-disqualification (for those that do receive a probationary period)

(Note that if a probationary employee receives a "removal" they should grieve it. That's a disciplinary separation covered under Article 16. It is NOT the ELM 365.323 separation-disqualification of Article 12)

Anyhow, here it is.

ELM Ā§365.32.png

Here's the section from EL-312.

EL-312 Ā§584.35.png

Sorry folks. It was late. šŸ˜‰ šŸ„±