#108 Live! 6/23/22

Rural Deviation

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Hey boys and girls, I'll be headed to the North Carolina State Convention tomorrow that is currently going on in Cherokee, NC to hang out with a few carrier friends. We are going to have an impromptu meetup if you are at the convention and want to hang out after the day's event.

Anyone is welcome to join. Send me a message if you want further details on that tomorrow, and I'll let you know when we are getting together.

With the day after the holiday and me running away to North Carolina for a couple of days, we are moving the Live! to this Thursday at our normal time, 7 pm Central - 8 pm Eastern.

Until then, Y'all take it easy out there.

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She mails rural

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I just got back from NC state convention. I wish I knew you was gonna be there. I just found out damn. Boy do I have stuff I took away from there OMG, but it's impossible to tell it on here. But I got our mail today that was on hold and if I wasn't seeing this I would never believe it. The piece is the ratification ballot returned with 2 yellow sticks saying return to sender address unknown. No hand writing at all! Can someone explain this to me?

She mails rural

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Ask Bill for me, In the meeting Ronnie said to everyone now that we don't have any standards left to negotiate with over the contracts because of rrecs what is his plans to use for negotiating the next contract if he's elected president?