2.3 billion down the tubes again...


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First of all, I don’t understand how since my parcels have more than doubled with amazon. Still paid pre amazon loads. Usps should be banking off from amazon. I was shocked to hear we lost 2+ Billion again. What’s the fix? I think getting rid of bulk mail rates for presort standard flats and letters prices need to increase from the pennies to what it actually costs. I know some potential consequences.. what are some other ideas? Also, since amazon didn’t help the business, the business needs to renegotiate the deal or drop them and resume business as it used to be usual. What’s the fix for our employer?


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1. That crazy pre-funding thing, which no other company on earth must deal with.
2. Charging Amazon so little, we still lose money delivering that crap.
3. Overworking people so badly they leave within weeks or months, causing hiring, training, admin costs to soar.
4. Visiting every home in America every day as a public service, without public funding.

Just quick guesses.


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Ibpd16 et al -- "Firing half of management will probably put us in the black immediately and improve our efficiency as well."

-- Sounds like the plan "Carv'n" Marvin Runyon had in mind when he took over as PMG.


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From his Wikipedia page:

"Runyon's first goal was to treat the United States Postal Service as a business geared toward making money and pleasing customers. He was a cost control expert and instituted cost measurement systems copied from his years with Ford—he even sent senior post office officials to Ford to review their systems. He eliminated 23,000 management jobs, hired more letter carriers and counter employees and emphasized automation to speed mail delivery.

Runyon, during his time at the U.S.P.S., often decided to distance himself from management when he traveled. He normally made it a high priority to visit Postal Service craft employees (letter carriers, clerks, mailhandlers, etc.) in their work areas. It was not uncommon for him to sit alone in the coach section of an airplane, reading fiction."

Sounds like he was a great PMG to work for. Unlike the buffoons running the show now.


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Ibpd16 et al --". He eliminated 23,000 management jobs, hired more letter carriers and counter employees and emphasized automation to speed mail delivery."

-- IMHO -- automation has not really sped up mail delivery.

-- At least not for the amount of money that has be thrown at it. The Billion+ for FSS machinces could have purchased more LLV's or encouraged US van makers to put the steering wheel and pedals on the right side!