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3/22/23 NRLCA Letter to Blum (RADAR)

How can any rural carrier verify the numbers for their evaluation? And what if you don't agree with it? What can you do about it? Getting 52 weeks worth of data at once means squatt. We need daily numbers, not yearly. And what can you do if they low ball your bundle flat numbers for those who show zero? NOTHING!
Why did the association move forward with rrecs with all these issues? Some on this forum claim all issues were resolved. Why was the association FRUSTRATED just 2 weeks ago that implementation was delayed at least 1 pay period, then shortly after file a step 4 because its going to be implemented? I think they play both sides. They act like they want it for all the carriers getting crushed by Amazon, and then act like they are fighting for those who are going to get crushed in pay. It's a joke.
Certified mail?
So that was in some Washington DC carrier's dps?
Blum will either never see it, or won't get his hands on it until after April 8.
Can't you just see this guy? Walks out in the hall and says:
"I got a Certified Letter from the NRLCA! Wooooo, scary! Boom! 3-point shot for the win!
They probably treated it the same way that the association does when a rural carrier tries to get out of the union. "Sorry, didn't receive it in the timeframe. Try again next year".
Oh, it's from Ronnie.... send it back REFUSED.... :unsure: 🤷‍♂️:ROFLMAO: