#34 Rural Deviation Live! 5/21/20

Rural Deviation

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Recorded 5/21/20

On Thursday, 5/21/20, C$$, Danny, Mr. Misfit, and I went live on Facebook. Most of the conversation was driven by the live chat itself.

Show Notes can be found below:

If you are an RCA with a POV, and want to enter to the Bi-Weekly drawing for a $25 Gift Card to Rock Auto you can do so by:

1. Messaging the Rural Deviation Facebook page including "Brakes4Subs and the office you work out of.

2. Visiting the Rural Mail Talk forum thread, "Brakes4Subs" and submitting there as well.

Packages in Pictures:
Bringing Awareness to the National Board about package volume increase. We are asking for your help sending a message; the current package volume level is not normal and does not accurately represent the results from the last count, March 2018.

Take a picture with your vehicle loaded down with packages.
How many packages are you over evaluation?
Text to our number (315) 338-4268.
We’ll combine them into wall calendars
Then we’ll send a calendar to the national board members and the PMG.
We’ll use our picture editing abilities to make sure there are no addresses/license plates/ personally identifiable info in the pics.

We plugged a GoFundMe for a carrier who's father passed away recently, and they are raising money to help her mom stay in the home she has lived in a majority of her life. You can donate below.
Memorial Fund for Gordon’s Wife Margie organized by Norman Clark

Reach out to us. Let us know what's on your mind!
Call or Text or (315) 338-4268

Mailing Address at Rural Deviation attn: Josh Brandon
P.O. Box 252 Tullahoma, TN 37388

If you would like to mail in a letter with your thoughts. Also, I’m very interested in old union publications if you are willing to part from them.

Keep up with the NRLCA Updates:

Reach out and communicate with the National Board on Social Media or their communication email:
Email: communications@nrlca.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NRLCAOfficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NRLCA
Instagram: www.instagram.com/NRLCAOfficial
Call at: (703) 684-5545

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