A 2020 challenge for this site


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Props to Wind for this idea!

Since we're in 2021 now, I think it is worth giving this thread a little bump.

If you, like me, have found this site INVALUABLE over the past year, maybe consider contributing a $20.21 cuppa to RI. All the howto details are above in this thread :)
Thanks for the reminder C$$. A very worthwhile donation to an invaluable website for rural carriers....and donation done. TY Dana!!


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To the random visitors who are not members but use this site for its resources and all Members who are part of this small community.

My challenge for 2020 is for you to buy a $20.20 cup of coffee for the host of this site. You will need a PAY PAL account. To buy a $20.20 coffee click the Knowledgebase link and at the top you will find the coffee link. You will be offered a T shirt but can opt out of it.

My donation was made without a T shirt requirement. Step up if you enjoy this site.
Good idea. I found the knowledgebase link but am not seeing the coffee link at the top or anywhere.