Accidents Galore


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No, it's not the name of James Bond's newest fling who ends up pregnant.

Our district had 10 accidents yesterday. (10 in just one day!)

I have to wonder if management will ever figure out that they are causing the high rate of
accidents because they expect everyone to run, cut corners, etc.


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In the offices that I've been around accidents happen more often on early light-days than they do on heavy long days, and yesterday was very light around here. Often times carriers are trying to make up time on the light days so that they get off even earlier. They know it's going to take a long time and they don't try to hurry as much on the long days.
Hurrying causes accidents more often than everything else, from what I've seen.


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RDruckus -- "Our district had 10 accidents yesterday. (10 in just one day!) "

-- What type of accidents?

-- Anything that could point to a pattern developing?


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Before I retired they had me as safety officer ( now that's another story). One telecon for the district ( usually a nice snooze) some hotshot was ranting about our rate of vehicle accidents was going up and this was intolerable ( like we must be getting flak from above)..
So I asked the obvious question... Have you analyzed any data and come up with any answers?....Silence..... You know, like do a graph of days of the week when accidents do a graph of time of day of day when they occur.... List accidents by job title of the driver... do something simple...get copies of the local police accident reports to see and track who was at fault and was the usps person cleared of any fault..Review each accident to see if there is any commonality to them. ( silence again as they consulted their dictionaries on their usps provide smart phone).
Never underestimate usps management's ability to not see the obvious....