Actual route mileage for both question when training?


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You are a REG in all POV office doing training for a Newbie.

On Day 3 the PM of this office decrees.. The Newbie needs to deliver out of their own POV while you observe their routine in their ride and want them to deliver all. By the way I will not pay you the EMA to ride around and observe.

So as a REG who is training in this instance, are you entitled to the EMA too?
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just went through something similar this last week. pm wanted me to come in and work ,(my holiday), the mail and get it ready for trainee to deliver half the route, while i delivered the other half. she said to keep track of the mileage, to which i replied, no, i get ema for the route for the day, and the trainee gets mileage for what they drive. no argument, so i'll see if i get the entire ema, for the day.


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Another one the PM has screwed us carriers out of, training half days she puts in the mileage that we did. How does one read the EMA chart so very confusing it shows increments of .10 cents. doesn't show anything near my mileage. I am 65 miles with 594 boxes? No wonder we get robbed blind nothing in this craft is easy to understand.


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When you train there is no change in your daily pay as a regular, because there is no such thing as training pay for us. There is no way to pay a regular part day pay, or part ema pay, even during Christmas we get full day's pay and all of the ema even if we are sent home early on Friday. The only part day pay for a regular is if we provide aux help at 150% of our hourly pay on our relief day.


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Yes. As a regular on a POV route you are entitled to EMA for any day you are required to work.
Interesting. When I was an RCA the regular decided who's POV would be used but the EMA always went to the vehicle. Usually it was the regulars for the first couple days then mine on the third day. Some regs preferred using my vehicle for all days and a couple of them even paid me with cash or a check because the clerk forgot to transfer the EMA to me when doing the time sheet. Never had a PM dictate who's vehicle was used. As a regular I've always used my own POV when training.