Any new info?


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gotstamps et al -- " It’s much harder to falsify a whole year as opposed to just 2 weeks."

-- But, no doubt, the USPS will give their best shot at doing it!

-- Well, actually make it 48 weeks as the 4 weeks around Christmas will be ignored - for some reason.
wouldn't you agree though, that the middle of november to the middle of december is the heaviest?, the standard flats are still being distributed...


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Don't forget after Christmas, the flats come out in a tsunami, people spend their Amazon gift cards (more parcels) and return a ton of parcels, and you have all the end of year mail (required by law/statute,) stuff, much with horrible addresses.

Something else to look forward to!


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Guessed this would be the best topic to ask this question...........How much has this train wreck of new pay system cost USPS?...and cost nrlca?
we'll never know, will we?


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Charlie et al -- "Guessed this would be the best topic to ask this question...........How much has this train wreck of new pay system cost USPS?...and cost nrlca?"

-- As set up by Arbitrator Clarke, the USPS paid for everything except for the NRLCA representative - Dr. Mericle.

-- As far as the actual cost to the USPS? Safely ensconced near the KFC and Dr Pepper recipes. McDonald's "secret" sauce probably just 1000 Island Dressing.

-- With a $6+ BILLION NGDV contract on the ( far ) horizon, the USPS can ill-afford having any documentation regarding the actual RRECS make it into the headlines. Especially as any implementation date is probably farther away than the NGDV contract. ( JMHO )

-- Try a Freedom Of Information request? Better plan on a l-o-n-g wait.

-- Cost to the nrlca? Just a continuation of being the butt of jokes by the other 3 post unions.

-- Looks as if "Windindaface" might have found the right location. Now just to find the right container!


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Tonight is our local union meeting and on the list of topics is the Engineered Study. Just wondering if anyone has heard any new info. I am thinking that I don't want to waste the time to drive 140 miles round trip to hear nothing. It seems that this forum has better knowledge than my ADR. I have sent him a message also but surprisingly he doesn't answer my direct question about the time study.
I just went to a local union meeting and they told us the study is at least another 2 years from being implemented and the new vehicles are not in the near future. They said 2030 is the year for the vehicles but I don't know if they were serious or not. As far as counts the USPS could call for a Sept count next year but IMO, why would they? To be nice guys?.....I don't think so. They have rurals just where they want them. All in all, not very encouraging usual!


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Some areas have lost Amazon and as we delivered it for free for 3 years, it looks like those places are reaping those benefits now. Unless the USPS will have most offices losing Amazon, they will not have a count if they don't have to.
The USPS had an engineer, the NRLCA had one, and each one picked one to "oversee" both. The "unbiased " one picked by both engineers has died (because it's been so long). So I guess they are continuing with out him, not that it seems to matter.
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Our new job will be to beam mail/parcels from our cases to the mail boxes. No need for new vehicles any more we just have to have the right "coordinance" for each address.
If the usps asks you to wear a red shirt DON'T DO IT. The red shirt guys always were killed in the first 5 minutes of any Star Trek show.