Carrier Pick Up


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Hey all, I have this customer that puts in a pick up request everyday and everyday I go to his porch, some days he has items to be picked up and some days nothing at all. Management is requiring me to go everyday because they don't want this customer calling in when I don't show up. This guy raises hell when I don't make my presence known lol. His deliver is in a cbu about 1 1/2 miles away, so this takes time everyday to do. Sometimes I feel like its harassment. What would you do? I did find this in the Mail Count Guide below.

It is improper for a customer to request
through Carrier Pickup, calling the Man-
ager to request a pickup, or leaving a note
in the box to pick up items at specific loca-
tion, when they do not have any qualifying
(Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail
Priority Mail Express International, Global
Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Interna-
tional and returns (USPS Return Service
and Parcel Return Service)).
If this occurs the carrier should discuss this with their im-
mediate Supervisor who should in return
discuss with the customer. This service is
only provided when there are qualifying


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killzone -- are you getting the mileage for the trip to his porch?

"This guy raises hell when I don't make my presence known lol. "

-- Lay on the horn when you arrive.

-- Let the PM know when you make the trip and there is nothing to pick up even though the customer made a pick up request.

-- Sort of like making a bogus 9-1-1 call.


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If no pickup request, but PM wants you to go every day, it should be made official and be part of the 4003, to include both mileage and dismount footage per delivery day for the week. And it should be a base hour change because of change in distances. So... ask your steward or Adr or dr for some support and reassurance then approach your boss about the 4003 additions.