Catalog/parcel volume increase thoughts?


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With COVID going on and that time of year... Do you expect more than normal Holiday catalog mailings this year?

Buckle up Buttercup for the massive increase of parcels too?
Catalog season is done. Paper catalogs are more or less history. Who besides Amazon and target send anything resembling one anymore?What we saw is all we will see. Local and regional retailers will be canvassing but until January or February when seed companies send out their listings, we won’t see sustained heavy flats. Imo

Parcels are a tote crapshoot and very localized. Ups has been running crazy trucks and helpers already here. FedEx and Amazon are dazed and confused about where they are going but they are all over my burbs too. All continue to drop their unwanted pallets at our office through the day at all times.

I’m currently running about 150 scans a day. Better than spring when it was still Christmas numbers up around 250 or 300. Depending on weather, COVID/flu, and Congress we could be up a very terrible creek, since the “partner” carriers are already more or less at peak capacity, leaving the peak volume more or less for us.
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Still get too many catalogs at home because my wife orders from 2-3 places. I've used for years trying to curtail them. Worked for awhile, now the catalog people are becoming resistant to that, too. Making you call to cancel them.

Its still a going deal for women's clothes, seems to me.


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Day after the Columbus Day holiday started the floodgates of catalogs here. Plus election stuff. Still will get many bundles of catalogs until near Thanksgiving. Since Walmart, Target, Amazon are ALL running Black Friday specials up to Christmas, our packages are at already high counts, with more of them to the door type parcels and a lot of huge toys. Also deer gun season starts today and in the past week I have been delivering sausage making supplies and equipment like crazy. So yes, catalogs and packages have definitely picked up.
We had basically zero flats all of August and September. Just doing 300 scans a day is all. Once October came, and more specifically, the new guarantee period, we have been getting dumped on. Dental flyers, jerichs catalogs, Val pak unusually separate from dps, phone books, Anderson windows x2.. It just never stops. On top of the political mail we got.

Always seems to happen during the guarantee period. 5 pumpkins, plus oversized parcels on my skid. Parcel runs every day. 'new normal'


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In our office we think a lot of these flats were held for weeks until the election mail was done because since Wednesday after the election, we have been BURIED under the bundles of flats at our cases. I received some at my home that said the sale was over the day I received it. And this was a national catalog, not a flier for a local store.
Yep. We've got about 36 rural routes. 4 different towns. When dejoy took over, we instantly had no flats. They were to focus on parcels. Which 4 clerks cannot keep up with for the office size. Then, out of nowhere, we were getting all of our parcels ready by 915 every day. And accountables by 930.

Come guarantee period, we again started getting bins of parcels at 11, and accountables by 11-1130. How the hell does their work flow differ from day to day? I can't wrap my head around it.