Change name to OIG Reports and Postal Bulletins


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I have been watching OIG audit reports for years...It is morbid curiosity on my part.... They friggin look at trees and don't see how they could fix the forest.    Enough of that...

I've also watched the Postal Bulletins.

There are also gems in there which we, and our worthless union, should pick up on and use to benefit ourselves.

So here is an example written in typical postal gobblygook.

postal bulletin 22486 (2-1-18) page 17 DMM Revision: Ineligible Flat -size Mailpiece Clarification.

Second paragraph: "The DMM currently states that mailers whose retail or commercial flat sized pieces do not meet the flexibility or uniform thickness standards must pay the applicable parcel prices."

in English they are saying that, if it doesn't bend and has a bump in it more than a quarter of an inch, the thing is a parcel. no if, no ands, no buts. 

If usps charges for a flat...Our damn union for the last ten thousand years should have been fighting for us to get credit as a flat.... No more monkey business about if it fits in a case, etc..... 


So.......I know I'll be watching the postal bulletin and so should you....