changing salary for high 3


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mailman1976 -- "was not my question meant will they go back and change my adjusted salary for not having a contract.'

-- There is always a contract in place.

-- Even after the contract's expiration date, the old contract is still in force until replaced / superseded by the latest contract.

-- As to your OP, without knowing your work history, probably won't be able to tell if getting back pay will affect your highest earnings over a consecutive 36-month period.


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Well reimagine that, the P.O. is once again in arrears with its hardest working peeps. Thought you'd be at Camp Couch by now sir.
I'm waiting the bastids out.... I figured they would make me pay them before I left if I owed them $$$$ money... so, until they pay me what they owe me, I'm gonna ride the $80k+ gravy train a little longer, every month they make me wait bumps up my USPS & SS annuities... wth, what's the hurry????

Long time no hear from.... were you off on some secret sabbatical???? :unsure: 🤷‍♂️🤫🤐


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I think they're at a quandary... don't know whether to $#!+ or go blind.... on the one hand they wanna act like all you old timers ought to be moving on, but every weekend they're paying us DACA 5s because they can't hire anybody to work, denying leaves and holidays off.... wth... :unsure: 🤷‍♂️o_O
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