Check all mailboxes for ballots?


The pay you receive for each box is the "average" amount of time to deliver. In that average there are boxes that receive NO delivery on different days, therefore you are not paid to stop and "check" every box.
ANY order given by any manager must follow in the same work that was required of you during your last count. If you were not required to check every box then, you can grieve this NEW order requiring your base pay to be increased. Any political mail being now required to be written on or placed in different places than your last count is also payable. Regulars should be paid on form 8127, and Rca's on a green card, for ANY new work.
We've been told that this "check every box" mandate is for Thursday, Friday and Saturday before election day. I will check every active box, no problem with the boxholders we've been receiving. If I'm required to check vacant boxes, they will be reactivated in my edit book. That will increase my pay. As for UBBM political mail, we haven't been asked to endorse it. So, not doing that.

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Please read it slow and carefully!

Clarification on Extraordinary Measures and Collecting Ballots​

The Stand-Up Talk linked below went out to the field from USPS Headquarters. This is a change to a previous directive that mandated carriers to stop at all delivery points on October 29-31. As you will read, rural carriers should continue to stop and collect mail at all boxes with the flag raised, as usual. No other requirements should be placed on rural carriers.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your steward or assigned District Representative.

My question is what are the requirements for Nov. 2nd and 3rd to me that's not clear! To me other than handing them off to a supervisor for same day delivery on the 3rd, nothing is different it's all SOP!
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OK. It doesn’t bother you. But what would you advise those that it does bother as compensation? It’s an additional task.

I’d say look at rrecs and the time for a one bundle stop. Something like 14 seconds a box and keep tabs.
Aren't our evaluations based off of 'x' minutes per box, plus mileage, dismounts, average volume of all things?

I am sure that we are paid to service each of our boxes. It's really not that difficult to check the 5 boxes you don't have mail for, to look for ballots for 2 days.

But, damn.. 14 seconds a box, times 10. That's literally 2 minutes of pay. What color Porsche you getting with all that money?

Oi veh.

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It's moot now, but union said we do our job, same as always.

If a person has mail, we stop at the box.

If a flag is up, we stop at the box.

Otherwise, drive on.


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If we had all the time we do not get compensated for I would have a down payment for a porsche.
If I was told to stop at every box because ppl cant put up a flag TFB, it was not going to happen.
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Yeah my route went up 4 hours when we counted in 2018. Average parcels were about 110. I get 250 a day now. However, if we were recounted, my 45k would be a 50k and I'd be cut to 43k. Then say we lose Amazon at some point. I'll be a 43j. It's a lose-lose.