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Curbside to CBU


Hi Gang
I have an apt building that removed the curbside boxes and added a cbu with 2 parcel lockers
I have updated the edit book and PM updated the 4003 changing from curb to CBU its all good except now we are stuck
the PM has measured my steps for the dismount but He has never done a change like this before and neither have I
He found a place to add a dismount in the 4003 but nowhere to add parcel lockers, accountable key, steps and who knows what else
Is he in the correct application? Does anyone know?
I kind of thought he had to Update the 4241A but im not really sure


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The 4241 A does have a location for Parcel lockers on run. It also reflects footage for dismounts for CBUS.

The only form I am aware of which counted Parcel Lockers while on count is the PS4241M.

You will get an Arrow key assigned to your run. It will have a # specifically for your Route. Unfortunately you do not get any time credit added to your EVAL for accepting signing or returning the Arrow key daily.