Delayed Mail in Great Lakes Area.


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OIG report no ar 18005 May 17, 2018

#4 finding in report....NONE of the plants investigated had current operating plans....

Not shocking to us carriers.....It ain't rocket science to see that when we don't get our product on time and correctly set up we can surely assume the plants can't get out of their own way.

OIG states that the Area VP should makes sure they have proper plans.

Area VP replied....Oh sure, will get on that right away.

Don't bet the ranch on it...And...Don't bet the ranch that OIG will ever go back, check on it and kick ass and take names if it hasn't been done.  An area vp said in writing it would be done...If it ain't  his/her head should be the first in the guillotine....

Just another example of people up and down the line being friggin incompetent...And who bails them out each time and gets the mail out.....US. You know, the slime at the bottom of the greased pole.


OIOG or management trolls.....Truth something different...Do your jobs so we can do ours.


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 "<em>The Lansing P&DC’s operating plan dated <strong>December 2003</strong> did not reflect that mail cancelation is no longer performed at this facility."