Delivering routes Sunday 11/1/20


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Anyone got a guess on what percentage of the country is/was delivering this Sunday?

Other than here, I haven't picked up on much news. Definitely nothing near me. But, I keep the news on Avoid most of the time.


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I delivered. They wouldn't let us case any flats or raw unless it was political from the hot case. Dps to the street, no marking parcels, just grab and go, work in political and packages. I delivered 110 amazon and 4 full trays of dps, about 700 houses total on my route. Once finished we were allowed to case flats. In total I probably delivered a dozen political advertisements. My outgoing was 4 or 5 first class letters and 1 business reply letter. They definitely lost money on my route today.

I'm hoping they call me in tomorrow for my k day. It will likely be a light day for mail.

Oi veh.

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ATTENTION TO WHOM IT CONCERNS: please edit your posts for political content or they will be deleted in their entirety.

No politics in any threads except those in off topic.

Thanks so much!


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It's all about the political CYA having to do with delaying the Ballots! Its comical how far out of control the USPS reaction has gotten to be! 🤡 I read an article the other day that said we handled 4.5 billion pieces of political mail and only 122 million of that was ballots.
Ratio wise
ballots were a drop in the bucket and consumed very little of the overall time!

Oh and by the way we treated all that crap as if it was first class while collecting pennies per piece for it! Someone has to wake up to this and make them pay for what the get or accept our standards of delivery as it relates to our priority of deliveries!
While the First Class ballots sit in a pile the Political Ad shit gets treated like express and all the undeliverable has to be marked up per piece then clerks have to separate it and send to OIG costing big $$$$$! This is the stupidity of the PO and why and who comes up with this BS???