"delivering the best customer experience" audit..or.....USPS management buries its head in the sand once again.


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OIG report in decemeber   # RARC-WP-18-003  Delivering the best customer experience.   This is the blah, blah, blah, blah about the surveys sent to people about how delivery is doing....Most is playing with numbers, objections, inconsistent delivery times, damaged mail, OIG only cites sources about city carriers....Like always we seem not to exist...

Crack you up and make you throw up at the same time.

******page 38 and 39*****USPS management disagrees with OIG finding that centralized delivery customers are the most dissatisfied....Management says at the end of the report " We disagree with many of the OIG's conclusions regarding centralized delivery customers as these may be due to unfamiliarity with USPS termoinology, non-response bias, or other factors not related to customer experience"....Bullcrap....people know management is jerking them around...Management knows it is jerking them around. Management knows that centralized boxes are easy prey, management knows carriers are pushed to get back on time and fill ittybitty slots chock full.

***** page 38*****Comment 13. CBU customers unhappy. usps comment..."cbu's allow for parcels to be securely left in..parcel locker rather than unsecured at residence address..HEADQUARTERS Deliver Operations is reviewing delivery manuals to determine whether revisions are necessary for delivery to CBU's. *****OIG responds...No shit...Mail and parcel volumes have changed dramatically since 2001, the date of the most recent city delivery manual..( once again rurals are orphans in the eyes of OIG).

Bottom line to us rurals.....

USPS management once again has shown its usual ability to not comprehend the obvious.  And, when confronted with the obvious, it simply disagrees with the conclusion....

Bottom line to our union....it's reports like this that should give you ammunition to get change for us now.....years of free parcel delivery by us is an abomination.  And you have done NOTHING for us.


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What a bunch of usual BS.

How many of the CBU units are in horrible shape ??  Owners dont want to bother fixing them, of course, if the PO owns them, we all know how long it takes to get them repaired.

I am sure people who had curb side delivery are real happy with the cbu's.  Of course, many of them have little or no protection from the elements.

More crap from a sh*tty organization.