Did the RCA insurance get a Healthcare Incentive Account automatically added to our policy?


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I got a couple HIA credit cards in the mail the other day and when I went online I noticed a HIA link and when I went to it saw I had a $100 incentive credited to my account?

Never heard anything about this being added to our RCA insurance
Do you mean like an HSA account? A year ago, we didn’t have the option to get an HSA account. I doubt that’s changed.


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I'm an RCA and we now have something like this via United Healthcare. Wife handles all of it.

As I understand its wholly a United thing. They pay you money to get a checkup, blood test, colonoscopy, etc.
Very smart. They'll pay you $50-100 here and there for things that are likely to expose underlying conditions that can be corrected before they turn into major medical events. I think blood, checkups are $50, the colonoscopy was $100.

They send out debit cards you can pay for medical/drugstore things, I think.