Do crummy employees ever get fired?


It looks like we are getting a supervisor reject from another city to come and be our Postmaster. Why do they just promote these no good employees instead of just firing them? I'm tired of getting these rejects all the time. We are going on our 5th Postmaster in the last 5 years. And dont get me started on how lazy these people are.

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In my experience, it's very rare. They just get moved from place to place, wrecking havoc wherever they go.

We have plenty of crummy employees on our side too. Those who keep their regular jobs and those who become regular.
We chased a supervisor out of our office by way of grievances only to have her transferred three times after that for similar occurrence's. She was finally promoted to a PM at an office with no carriers, one with only a sales counter and a PO box section. Screw up and move up its the postal way!
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There are ways...😈

My permanent solution is to get a dash cam, front and rear cameras. Every route inspection will be a good way with video proof, to catch the PM violating any plethora of safety violations that are automatic terminations. Or blackmail at the least. And also any parking lot outbursts, which use to happen with my former FIRED PM.

And please don't rain on my plans with 'we can't record' lol.


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Before they were famous, or before they were a supervisor/pm, they were a carrier, clerk, or mail handler. Most likely they were an obviously special one then, so why did we protect them? Why did we give them the keys to the car and promote them?

Professional censure, and formal apprenticeship programs are something we desperately need, if we are to save our bacon when the executioners axe falls, and to thrive in an age that does not use physical paper to send messages.


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Oh, the stories I could tell....But mine probably sound a lot like stories everyone could tell. It's the postal way alright!
There is no 3 strike out rule in their world. If they continually strike out the Machine will trade these hitters or make them a Captain of another office.

If we did the same, off to the minor leagues looking for another job.


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Our office is currently without a PM and the job has been posted. I for one am living in dread-filled/hopeful anticipation of who we get next. The last PM was pretty bad but I have no illusions that the next couldn't be worse.


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When mngt jobs are unfilled, things work better.... what's that tell you??? :unsure:
So true...and so sad. The last loser we had showed me a glimpse of how bad it could be. Thankfully it wasn't long before he was escorted out of the office by men in suits and we haven't seen him since. But, instead of being thrown in jail for his misdeeds, he gets to retire early.


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At least he got escorted out.
One of mine got promoted to POOM. (But I believe he's got a second mortgage because of what he pulled on one of our mail handlers.)


Sometimes I feel crummy. Like i am only about 60 40 making eval. Aux route is getting harder and harder to make with each added box of my generation that buys everything online. Wednesday's now we were told we will get a boxholder. With any type of volume for the day I will be screwed. Didnt get a single boxholder during count now we get one weekly and another one every 2 or 3 weeks. Rrecs will help with that part at least.


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In my 15 years, I have seen good employees fired and a few bad ones . I have seen po let go for attempting to assault a female ( he was allowed to retire)I have seen a clerk promoted to supervisor in another office after being caught stealing packages . A clerk in nearby po let go because she gave her husband a dollar out of her cash drawer. A carrier fired for having vacant boxes as active. Other carriers let go for months for differing reasons and spent 5 months or more trying to get theirs crummy jobs back.One carrier let go for a minor offense and no progressive action. One sub that broke all the rules ( wrecking llv, getting it stuck in snow, delivering mail and packages to wrong address) never given any grief. Another sub working long hours and doing over and above his share abused by management. I have more, but I will stop for now