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I just became a regular carrier recently and the route I got assigned to is a beast. It was previously an aux route pieced together from all the businesses from other routes. About 80% of the route is businesses with maybe a dozen mbu’s and close to 100 walkins and door deliveries. The route is a 43k but everyone including my supe says its under evaluated. Just talked to union rep about getting it counted but unfortunately no count in february but she says in the meantime I can file for a dps review. After reading the form she sent, Im now confused as to how it would help me raise the evaluation of my route. Has anyone tried filing a dps review and if so what was your experience and outcome?

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Business routes or dismount routes was always my least favorite when I was an RCA. I would never bid on a route like this because of that, but they are known to be the better paying routes when evaluated properly. Something that you could check on now is to verify that all collection boxes/compartments in your mbu's have been accounted for, they are worth quite a bit. Also check all your dismount distances as that could all add up to a good adjustment as well. And of course verify the mileage with it being pieced together you my experience a gain from that. I believe that all of these can be addressed without having a count!

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If you fail the DPS review (and most do), your DPS is converted to sector segment and you should gain around 2 hours. That will then trigger your route for a special count.

However, if it were me, I would go @Voglio-il mio's route first. Pardon the pun.


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Thanks for the replies. I just got my redbook and I plan on taking care of all edits. (Still learning about these things.).
One question though.
What happens when dps is converted to sector/ segment? Does it change the way I recieve the mail for the route in the morning? (More raw or less raw?)
Again I’m still learning but I really do appreciate the advice


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Doing a DPS review never hurts any route with less than 43 hours, but may cause some retaliation. Google "USPS edit book training" to get a quite inclusive (several pages)idea of how to use your edit book. There also is a thorough explanation of DPS reviews on the knowledge base on this site.