Effective Date of September Count


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Route must change 2 hours for evaluation changes.. Start of the guarantee period. Which is next pay period. I was counted and this is what I was told. 


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Really? I've never known them to be able to process the paperwork that quickly. I hope you had a good count. A carrier in my office went from a 43k to a 41j.


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<ol><li>My 43k went down an hour, so it stays at 43. I had to make any changes by yesterday as their deadline. They only counted me and 1 aux. The aux went up a few hours. We 57 rural routes in our city, spread between 3 stations and I only know of them counting the 2 routes.</li></ol>


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Doris et al -- "When does the September count go into effect?

-- Should be the start of the new Guarantee Year on 13 OCT 2018.

"Really? I've never known them to be able to process the paperwork that quickly.

-- Back in the olden days when September counts were common, even 4-week counts, manglement managed to get the numbers processed to be ready to go on the first day of the new Guarantee Year.

-- With Special Counts, a significantly fewer number of route get counted, so literally no excuse not to be ready.
9. Changes in Compensation<br />Changes in compensation due to eligibility for adjustment,<br />or loss of evaluated compensation as determined<br />by a mail count evaluation conducted pursuant to<br />Article 9.2.C.3. shall be effected at the beginning of<br />the fourth full pay period following the end of the count<br />period. Those special counts conducted during the last<br />twelve (12) days in September will be effected at the<br />beginning of the guarantee period. When making<br />changes in compensation as a result of interim adjustments<br />and mail counts conducted under Article<br />9.2.C.3., no rural carrier’s salary may be reduced<br />below the salary guarantee during the guarantee period.


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I got royally scr**ed with this count. I was a RCA in a sister office when 5 routes went up for bid. All of these routes had to counted in the "Special Count". All of the routes went up 1,2,3 hours. The route that I got only went up an hour and it is by far the heaviest route. While the count was going on I got a phone call saying the subs running my particular route was not having things counted. I brought this to my PM's attention and he said that shouldn't happen and as far as he was concerned he had an experienced counter doing the count (1st time counter). Anyway, making regular is supposed to be a good thing, but when they screw you right off the bat it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. I was told that the acting supervisor padded all the numbers including mine, she just couldn't see fit to pad mine as much as she did the others.