Fireable Offenses


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Butterscotch -- "Fireable Offenses"

-- For new RCA's in their probationary period, just about anything manglement wishes to use.

-- Probably the only "official" list that could lead to being fired would be items listed for the ELM's Section 651.4 - Emergency Placement in Off-Duty Status:

a. Exhibits characteristics of impairment due to alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicant
b. Fails to observe safety rules
c. Fails to obey a direct order
d. Provides reason to be deemed injurious to self or others, or
e. Disrupts day-to-day postal operations in any other way

-- Some specifics:

- a recent posting ( before transition ) indicated a carrier was fired for not curbing wheels ( home security camera )
- bringing a firearm onto postal property or into a post office
- having too many ( unspecified number ) vehicle accidents
- a vehicle roll-away or run-away
- physical altercation with another postal employee or a member of manglement

-- Back in the late 1990's, just touching those colored plastic date cards used to mark mailings was reason enough to be fired. However by the time I left several years later, carriers were using the cards to mark parcels. Things change!

-- To be safe, do your job by the proverbial "book" and follow manglement's orders to the best of your ability.


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I remember my first Postmaster constantly reminding us of the 3 reasons that you could be fired. Nothing in writing but he drilled this into us so much that I still remember his words....
1) Delaying first class mail
2) Falsifying records
3) Stealing


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Havenowgone -- " 3 reasons that you could be fired.."

-- Happy Retirement!

-- As previously noted, things have changed.

-- Delaying 1st class mail -- the USPS took care of that by changing the time frame for delivering 1st class mail.

-- Falsifying records and Stealing -- happens all the time during Count when UPS and Amazon deliveries disappear, DPS is pristine, etc.


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In our office, having your hand on your cell phone while driving is considered reason to be deem injurious to self or others...


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When i started a few months ago I was told that an accident and a missed express delivery would get me fired.


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Leaving vehicle running when not behind the wheel, not wearing seatbelt, being bitten by a dog if you dismount with an obvious loose dog in area, falling if there was obvious ice and you did not wear your cleats, falling walking up steps that were in obvious disrepair, being bitten by a dog and you were not carrying the satchel we are not required to carry.


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we were warned a while back that being on the phone while driving would be grounds for termination. being that they can see when your moving via scanner, i eliminated half the equation, by blocking calls from the po. my pm asked if something was wrong with my phone because it always goes to voicemail before ringing. i thought, nope, it's working perfectly, it only rings with calls from people that i want to talk to.