Full-Time Driving Safety Instructor Position Now Available to Rural Carriers


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The NRLCA has been in discussion with USPS Officials on the eligibility of rural craft employees to apply for the position of Full-Time Driving Safety Instructor. Several rural carriers around the country have expressed interest in the position. However, the...

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Voglio-il mio

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I read this on the NRLCA web site. The way its written it sounds like they are discouraging anyone from applying for this position.
If you are a rural carrier and are "qualified" and selected for this position, there's no looking back...unless you are teaching the newbies about the reverse gear. I wonder if it pays more than a safety captain makes...


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Voglio-il mio et al -- "I read this on the NRLCA web site. The way its written it sounds like they are discouraging anyone from applying for this position."

-- "Discouraging" is putting it mildly ( IMHO )!


-- You will relinquish your rural route with no recourse. ( that should make some RCA's happy! )

-- You will not be able to transfer back to the rural carrier craft without resigning and being re-hired as an RCA or ARC. ( In some locations, RCA's make more money than regulars. Of course have to work, work, and work to do so. )

-- You will be represented by the APWU. ( already under their pay program, thanks to Arbitrator Clarke )

-- It is not a part of our bargaining unit and provides no opportunity to return to the rural craft. (no more missed scans, no "Back by 5 -- no matter what!", etc.)

-- The NRLCA National Board seem to be making it out as a bad thing.

-- Also seems to confirm something of a conspiracy ( DB? ) to keep rural carriers in their craft - period.


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The best part of this job is that you become part of a craft with a
union that keeps it's members informed, and doesn't sneer at or belittle them.
The clerks in my office would argue that statement. Their representation here is almost nonexistent & don’t feel that their grievances are taken seriously or dealt with timely.
They envy our Union but we do have Stews in office that are proactive & they don’t.


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On lite blue, on eCareers (usually for EAS jobs) or eReassign (for craft duty assignment changes) are the main choices for internal postings. As it is considered a craft job, you probably have to go through eReassign. However, as until this ruling come about, no rural carriers could reassign to other crafts, so perhaps a computer system limitation/inadequacy will prevent the application process along typical methods.

That being said, you should still have all the in-office and district-wide jobs posted somewhere in the office as they come available, including in-craft, EAS, and reassignment opportunities for other crafts (which would encompass all other craft jobs outside of rural carriers, including the driving instructor position), and perhaps even detail opportunities.

John Winger

I was joking haha. There are no postings near me otherwise I would apply. If I could make one change, other than making 1 table for all rurals, it would be to allow rural carriers to switch crafts just like other craft employees. It's total garbage that I can't go for a mechanic position without quitting and then hoping I get hired. A clerk on the other hand, can put a transfer in for a maintenance position and work 8 to 5, M - F.

Ticks me off