function 4 "efficiency" sun coast .....OIG starts out the year doing the same as last year....Missing the boat.


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MS-AR-180-002 Jan 2, 2018.

Cut to the chase on this audit just like all the rest..

OIG guesses costs for not getting work done on time = $327,000.00 always....states Integrated Operating Plans and Mail Arrival Plans are not up to snuff.

OIG misses the boat again because it can't see the obvious....If a post office doesn't get the proper mix of mail at the proper time why are they surprised that the post office isn't doing a good job. It's like wondering why a farmer doesn't have a bumper crop even though he never had any seeds to plant in the first place.

OIG then compounds their errors by stating that "We will no make recommendations on the IOP/MAP inconsistencies"

If OIG won't make a comment, why the heck did they do the audit in the first place?

With shoddy audits like this, one has to question the ability to think rationally and act responsibly within the OIG.

This audit is just one of many in a long line of audits which OIG has done on delivery operations where problems with IOP's and MAP's have been cited by them

Not only has OIG missed the boat, it sees where the leaks are every time and does nothing...We are being swamped and OIG is no help.


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Obviously the more OIG audits done (regardless of a functional outcome, or God forbid recommendations), means we preserve the number of OIG employees.  Self preservation at every managerial level is disgusting.  

Here is another typical waste example.  We have a level 20 office which currently is down to 16 employees, managed by a level 17 del sup, and the PM.  Where else in the world is a management to employee ratio 1:8 ?  We are down 6 employees due to consolidation and attrition, and now that the threshold for retaining the level 17 del super job is in jeopardy, NO PM wants the office because they might actually have to do some work.  This place is like a hot potatoe that no one wants to hold.  We all think it's hilarious to see the fallout recently at "poor mgt" getting cutbacks.  Welcome to our world.  Do more for less?  What!!!  Hilarious.  The USPS mgt structure is a classic example of the movie Titanic.  When things get shitty, they turn on each other like scurrying rats trying to take each other out to survive.