H.R. 2478: Federal Retirement Fairness Act


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H.R 2478 now has 18 Cosponsors!
The committee has 42 members.
It has to pass out of the committee before it goes to the floor for a full vote.

Rep. Elijah Cummings is the chair.
for the committee.
Rep Jim Jordan is the ranking member.

If we can reach them we have a good chance of bringing this out of commitee for a full vote!
If you haven't already please fill in the blanks on the unions premade form and send it to your representative.
You can also Tweet or Facebook the chair and ranking member!
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All -- H.R. 2478: Federal Retirement Fairness Act"

-- IMHO -- seems anytime "Fairness" or "Fair" is part of a title, there will parts of it that won't be.

-- 18 cosponsors is a start. Get those letters and calls going to get the other 417 on board!