H.R. 4268

Rural Deviation

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There has been a lot of noise made pertaining to H.R. 4268, which would allow temporary federal positions the ability to add their time as in the temporary position to their FERS, Federal Employees Retirement System, when they retire.

So much so a change.org petition has been made that has 18,000 plus signatures to this moment. The National Rural Letter Carriers' Association has officially shared this on their website and Facebook page. Encouraging carriers to sign it in the hope it will create movement on this bill so they might be able to ‘buy back’ their time as an RCA.

This is something that has been on my mind back when it was in the last congressional session.

Why though?

Because the words that are used in legislation matter. It can be the difference between being included and excluded.

This bill states temporary workers. That’s fine for the NALC and APWU because their PSEs and CCAs are hired for a year at a time and then rehired. Classifying them as temporary employees.

But for the RCAs of the Rural Craft, are hired on a permanent basis in a non-career position. To my knowledge, that does not qualify as a temporary worker.

Furthermore, NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts at the South Atlantic Conference in January of 2020 responded to a question pertaining to the previous bill pertaining to this. In that response he mentioned that even if passed it may not be financially viable to buy that time back because there isn’t any federal funding to buy that time back.

So if passed it would be up to the individual to buy that time back. To this date in my research, I have not found any examples of what buying back time served in a non career position would look like.

I hope that I am wrong in that I just haven’t seen yet the section verifying that RCAs would be included, but to this point I have not seen it.

It is important to advocate for this legislation to pass, but if it does pass without including RCAs… what was the point of fighting for this as a craft?

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